Mary Beth Cooper and Sophia Sinclair

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Meet Curvicality Brand Ambassador La’Toya Nicole: A Lady Who Wears Many (Stylish!) Hats

Most people are content with one career. Curvicality Brand Ambassador La’Toya Nicole has … well, we can’t even count them all, but we’ll try. Let’s see: College science professor, makeup artist, model … we feel like we missed a few!

Should We Make New Year's Resolutions Or Not - new years resolutions pros and cons - Curvicality Magazine

Should You Make a New Year’s Resolution?

Should you or shouldn’t you? That was our debate in the Curvicality office. Mary Beth Cooper, Curvicality’s founder and CEO, says no. Sophia Sinclair, our sex and relationships editor, says yes. Who makes the better case? You decide: