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Irish Soda Bread Recipe

Make a loaf of Irish ‘Sofa’ Bread this spring!

Yes, we know: It’s really Irish Soda Bread. But once it’s done, we suggest you cut yourself several nice thick pieces, butter then with Irish butter (yes, it’s worth the extra cost!) and sit back on your sofa and enjoy your carbs.

Holiday Dish: Homemade Noodles -Curvicality Magazine

One Great Holiday Dish: Homemade Noodles

If you like to cook at all — and maybe even if you don’t — you probably have at least one dish you make every year for holiday dinners. It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving/Christmas/other holiday your family celebrates without it. For me, that dish would be chicken and noodles.

Santa Pancake for Holiday Breakfast - Curvicality magazine

Plan A Holiday Breakfast

When I was a little girl, Christmas morning breakfast was not a thing at all. Christmas morning was a time for racing to the tree to examine all the new loot. I cannot even remember if we ate breakfast.