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Why Peloton Is My New Favorite Workout - Mary BEth Cooper- Curvicality magazine

Why Peloton Is My New Favorite Workout

If you’re a group fitness enthusiast, you know you crave that energy you get in a live class. It’s a mental high. But what happens when your schedule is too wonky to fit in gym classes? 

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plus-size athletes - We are all Athletes - Curvicality Magazine

We Are All Athletes – Plus-Size Athletes

If you run, work out, do CrossFit, bicycle, or do other exercise but still don’t consider yourself an athlete simply because you are curvy instead of slim, I understand. I was that person. But I learned that we are all athletes, no matter our size or weight.

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L.P. Curvicality Fitness Expert - squats and lunges for beginners - Curvicality Magazine

Squats and Lunges for Beginners

Proper squat form can seem complex. But think of it like this. We do squats on an everyday basis without even realizing it. When you sit down and stand up, you’ve just completed one squat, right? 

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