Get The Hottest Looks of 2023: Plus-Size Stylist Sharonda Grandberry Tells You How

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We’d all love to have a plus-size stylist, right? (Heck yes!) Curvy style expert Sharonda Grandberry wants you to look and feel like a million bucks. In this very special Curvicality Magazine interview, she tells us exactly how to achieve the styles of our dreams.
plus size stylist

Meet plus-size stylist Sharonda Grandberry.

Grandberry can take any piece in your wardrobe and make it amazing. Her clients will tell you she loves mixing patterns, adding unique flair and giving you a look so unique it could never be mistaken for anyone else.

A recent nominee for Outstanding Stylist of the Year at New York’s Full Figured Industry Awards, Grandberry is known for using her talents to make sure every curvy woman feels like a million bucks on any occasion. 

We recently connected with Sharonda to give you the dish on all things plus-size style. Here’s what she had to say!

Sharonda Grandberry

Curvicality: How can a woman find her personal style?

Sharonda Grandberry: I believe she has to become comfortable internally and externally. It doesn’t matter her size, just what she’s comfortable with. She can look for people who inspire the way she desires to dress and go that route.  But ultimately, she has to be comfortable with who she is. 

Curvicality: You’re big on mixing patterns. What are the rules of pattern mixing?

Sharonda Grandberry: That’s just it, no rules! When I mix patterns, if it feels and looks great, that is what I am going to wear. I will mix plaids with stripes or a cheetah print. It doesn’t matter. 

plus size stylist
Sharonda Grandberry shows how to mix patterns with hats and dresses.
Stylist Sharonda Grandberry. dressing plus-size bodies
Sharonda Grandberry shows her signature talent: pattern mixing with different prints.

Curvicality: What are the biggest styling mistakes people make?

Sharonda Grandberry: First, not allocating a budget for the looks they desire. Think ahead. Second, buying the same size in all clothing. Brands size differently so the sizes may go up or down. Know your measurements. Third, wearing one bold color at a time. Don’t be afraid to wear two or three colors!

Curvicality: What are three pieces we all need in our wardrobes?

Sharonda Grandberry: A cami, jeans that fit really well and a blazer.

Curvicality: What do we all need to get rid of in our closets?

Sharonda Grandberry: Clothes or shoes we can no longer fit. Girl, DONATE!!!!  I would say wearing things that are out of date could also be something to think about, but honestly, once you learn your style you can mix modern pieces with vintage pieces. 

Sharonda Grandberry
Sharonda Grandberry presents the current '80s inspired style and mixing and matching bold colors.

Curvicality: Who are a few of your favorite plus-size brands?  

Sharonda Grandberry: Honestly, I shop everywhere, but if I had to choose some go-to’s it would be Ashley Stewart, ELOQUII and Lane Bryant.

Curvicality: Who are a few of the brands we might not have heard of? 

Sharonda Grandberry: Dear Curves, Akira (you have to be patient in finding the pieces and their models aren’t always plus-size, but they’re great for statement pieces), Nasty Gal and Boo-Hoo.

Curvicality: What’s hot right now with purses? 

Sharonda Grandberry: Believe it or not, vintage purses are back on the rise. Telfar is my favorite brand. I love the sophistication, simplicity and boldness of colors from their brand. 

Curvicality: What are the rules of boots? 

Sharonda Grandberry: Cute and comfort are a must!  What can we wear them with? Skinny Jeans or leggings, some midi dresses  and even cropped jeans. And what kinds of boots are most “in” right now? Platform boots, and I am going to jump out there and say thigh high boots because they are my favorite. 


plus size magazine
Sharonda Grandberry shows the current trend of statement sleeves in dresses.

Curvicality: What are the five hottest trends right now? 

Sharonda Grandberry: Color blocking, chunky loafers, hoodies under blazers, wide leg pants and platform boots

wide calf platform boots
Photo Credit: Lane Bryant - Wide Calf Platform Boots
plus size style
Photo Credit ELOQUII Elements - Color Blocked Sweater Dress
plus size fashion
Photo Credit: Lane Bryant - Hoodie Blazer
plus size fashion
Photo Credit: Ashley Stewart - Wide Leg Pants
plus size style
Photo Credit: Kohls -Journey Collection Wide Calf Over-the-Knee Boots
plus size stylist
Photo Credit: Torrid - Plus-Size Blazer
plus size stylist
Photo Credit: Akira - Crop Blazer
Photo Credit: ELOQUII - Corset Pants

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