Curvicality - The go-to digital magazine for plus-size women. Your source for fashion trends, beauty, fitness, lifestyle, and influencer interviews through the lens of body positivity.

About Us

Curvicality is a digital media platform and monthly digital magazine specifically designed for plus-size women. The inspiration for the project came when two best friends, Mary Beth Cooper and Andrea White, were tired of the lack of media available for plus-size women. They wanted to read sites and magazines filled with options specifically tailored to their curvier bodies, not photoshopped women who wear a size zero. They also wanted to know more about fashion options available for women like them, as most of the department stores in their area had closed.

As a result, Mary Beth incorporated the company in Illinois in January of 2019. A number of people soon joined the team. By May, individuals in Georgia, California and Illinois were all working on the project. In July, the company began building a large advisory board to get as many community voices involved as possible.

In our digital magazine and on our digital platforms, we share information about fashion, lifestyle, intimacy, body image, fitness and relationships, as well as personal essays on life, growth and body positivity. We also offer courses and products designed to promote positive body image and personal growth.

Mission, Vision and Values

Our Definition of Plus-Size

While there is no standard definition of plus-size, our target market is women sizes 10 and up. 

We originally defined our target market as women sizes 14 and up, but we have been approached by women asking us to include sizes 10 and up. We hear you, and we have adjusted course to include you. All women are welcome here (and all men, for that matter, who identify with our cause … we turn no one away).


In our world, all bodies are beautiful. Our mission is to change societal standards of beauty by providing body-positive media. We bring plus-size women (and all women who identify with body positive movements) together as one in a safe environment where we can connect, learn and grow.


Our vision is to change societal standards of beauty by creating a digital platform in which every plus-size woman feels empowered by sharing passion, knowledge and information, one beautiful body at a time. 


We’re changing the world, one beautiful body at a time.  

We are strong. We are bold. We are brave. We are beautiful. We are one.  

Core Company Values 

Passion: We share a collective passion for research, growth, learning and information sharing about positive plus-size lifestyle and body image. 

Change: We seek to change the world, one woman at a time. We reject suppressive societal standards that seek to promote one body type as right or wrong. In our world, all bodies are beautiful. 

Team Work: We work together as a team to foster an environment in which all plus-size women feel included, empowered and heard. We value both our readers and our employees, and seek to create an environment that harbors happiness and health, both personally and in the workplace.  

Integrity: We strive to be open, transparent and respectful in every aspect of our company. We believe in operating ethically and honestly in a positive environment designed to promote positive growth and leadership opportunities.

Inclusivity: While we are geared toward plus-size women, we turn no one away. We want everyone who wishes to be a part of our community or staff to feel like they have a home here at Curvicality. We encourage everyone to step out of the boundaries of societal repression in order to find a space in which all bodies — and people — are valued. 

Optimism: We believe in promoting happiness and humility. In our world, the glass is always half-full, not half-empty. When a mistake is made, we approach it in a positive manner. An employee or reader will never feel shamed or belittled. And if an individual feels wronged, we will listen and make change where change is due.

Togetherness: Together, we are stronger. Community is one of the most important core values of our company. We believe in interactive media.