Carmen Rene Take Up Space

Carmen Rene Column: Take Up Space!

I’m not sure who needs to read this, but this is your Summer reminder to TAKE UP SPACE!

Brianna McDonnell: the-b-word

Brianna McDonnell: Meet the Woman Who Reinvented the B-Word

Brianna McDonnell has made a career out of being perfectly OK with her weight — even when others were not.

Dia&Co plus-size online styling review - Curvicality magazine

We Tried It: Dia & Co.

Remember the first time you “matched” with someone you thought would be the perfect date? He (or she) was the one. That is, until you actually came face to face … only to find that “self-employed” meant spending days playing video games in his parents’ basement. 

How I Started As A Plus-Size Model - Curvicality plus-size magazine

How I Started As A Plus-Size Model – Q & A With Our Cover Model Sheila Lopez

We wanted to hear the latest from February cover model Sheila Lopez, so we reached out with some questions. Lopez is a rising Latina model and influencer with a keen interest in body positivity and social and economic justice for women in general and women of color in particular. Here’s what she had to say!

shine bright like a diamond - Victoria Jacobs - Curvicality magazine

My Story: Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Being plus-size is a beautiful thing. My curves are round, my thighs are thick and wide. I feel enormous love and pride for myself. We are not all meant to look the same or wear the same size, just as our race and skin color are not the same. 

How Beauty Pageant Life Has Empowered Me as Plus-Size Woman - Crystal Campbell - Curvicality Magazine

How Beauty Pageant Life Has Empowered Me as a Plus-Size Woman

Single mom of two teenagers, formal wear style consultant, former teacher and … plus-size beauty queen?

Influencer Nikki Lynch & TV Crew Web -Curvicality Magazine

Filmmaker Nicki Lynch Promotes Body Positivity with PLUS Positive 

If you’re a Madonna fan, you’ve undoubtedly sang the lyrics, “Strike a pose there’s nothing to it … Vogue” hundreds of times. But is it really that easy?

TCFCruise - Plus-size cruising - Curvicality Magazine

Take a Curvy Cruise with The Curvy Fashionista

Anchors away, ladies. It’s time to take a cruise on the curvy side.