My Story: Shine Bright Like a Diamond

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Being plus-size is a beautiful thing. My curves are round, my thighs are thick and wide. I feel enormous love and pride for myself. We are not all meant to look the same or wear the same size, just as our race and skin color are not the same. 

We are made to stand out. We are made to grab the light and SHINE, to walk proudly with our shoulders held back as the sound of our thick powerful thighs touch each other … the sound of a strong, thick, beautiful woman as her fierceness echoes the room, the sound of her heels clicking against the floor with every step she takes. 

Shine bright like a diamond: The world is ours.

Start today. Start now. You don’t need to change anything. Love yourself as you are.

shine bright like a diamond - Victoria Jacobs - Curvicality magazine

 Think: I am love. I am fierce. I am BEAUTIFUL. Diamonds are not cut the same and don’t have the same color or shape or size, but we all know that a real diamond has FIRE. That’s how we know a diamond is real! It has that fire. When light hits it, it shines. 

Be that fire.

Be that diamond. We all have that fire inside of us burning, waiting to be seen. Embrace it. 

I used to cover up and be ashamed of my curves. I was bullied in school for having a big booty and thighs, so I grew up covering myself, always thinking “I am too big,” or hiding my hips and bottom. 

shine bright like a diamond - Victoria Jacobs - Curvicality magazine

Then I had a glimpse of fire in my eyes.

I saw that little glare of fire like from a real diamond and I knew it could only shine brighter if I opened up more and learned to accept my curves and love myself in my own skin. Once I found my fire, I started shining brighter and brighter.

Now I walk with confidence and embrace the curves and dimples my body carries so delightfully. I walk with pride. I shine bright like a diamond. 

I am thick. I am strong. I am my own keeper of fire.

Victoria Jacobs

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