Don’t Forget Your Home Phone Number From 20 Years Ago!

Don’t Forget Your Home Phone Number From 20 Years Ago!

Also, who was that one guy in that one movie?

Texts gone very very wrong

Texts Gone Very, Very Wrong

You quickly compose a text, hit send, and then shriek in horror as you realize you have just sent a sexy post to your not-sexy colleague. Or you sent an expletive-filled rant meant for someone else to your nice Aunt Mary. And there’s no getting it back. 

Corona Hair

Spring’s Hottest Corona Hairstyles!

We all want to look cute this spring, as we sit in our houses alone and unseen. But we can’t hit the hairdresser, so we have to figure out our spring look without professional help. I’m sure it will go smashingly for all of us, though!

Looking to Settle Down? You Gotta Shop Around

Men are like houses. When you’re looking at the local real estate ads, every place looks appealing. 

Coupled Life vs. Single Life - Curvicality Magazine

Coupled Life vs. Single Life: Curvicality’s Highly, Highly Scientific Quiz Will Reveal Which is Right For You

Just look at how green that grass is! Yes, that grass over there, on the other side of the fence. Man, that is some green, green grass.

guilt free holiday - Curvicality

Ditching the Guilt: The Holiday Your Way

You are not your grandma and you are not your mom. You are not even that aunt who aspires to outdo Martha Stewart. You get to do the holidays your way.