Coupled Life vs. Single Life: Curvicality’s Highly, Highly Scientific Quiz Will Reveal Which is Right For You

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Just look at how green that grass is! Yes, that grass over there, on the other side of the fence. Man, that is some green, green grass.
That grass is so green, I think I’ll jump the fence. Wait, now that I look at it, the grass in the field where I started out is looking mighty green now. Maybe even greener than over here …

Isn’t it human nature to want whatever you don’t have?

No matter what I order in a restaurant, I will take one look at what the person sitting across from me got and wish I’d ordered that instead, and I can give you many similar examples of me hankering over things I don’t have. (Johnny Depp would be just one example.) 

It’s the same when you compare lifestyles.

Although my husband and I are of course loving every single minute of our lives of perfect wedded bliss, I understand that some married people feel envious when their single friends talk about the fun of going out and meeting hot new people, having cool dates and finding excitement in experiencing a new lover.  They might also envy their single friend for their privacy, solitude and ability to make decisions without having to consult and compromise with another person. But of course, single people — even single people who are generally content being solo — may look at their coupled-up friends and feel a little envy, too. Married folks (or those living together in committed relationships) always have someone to pick up their prescription and make them soup when they’re sick. They have someone to cuddle up to on cold winter nights, and someone to give them a backrub when they’ve overdone it at the gym. There’s someone there to help them make big decisions, to help pay the bills and do half the chores. There’s someone to talk to and eat meals with right there in the house. Of course, you know what else is always right there waiting for you at all times when you’re married? An argument! If you live alone, you have nobody to bicker with. But maybe you could get a job as a telemarketer to fill your otherwise unfulfilled need to annoy people.

I’m personally partial to married life, but I can see the appeal of the independent single life.

Do you know when I didn’t see the appeal of the independent single life? That’s right — when I was living it. At that point, all I could see were the advantages of married life!  It’s something to keep in mind, whether you’re single or married. There are many ways to have a good life, and what’s right for one person isn’t necessarily great for another. And, of course, we understand there are plenty of people who are not happy being single and who really want to couple up, as well as people who feel trapped in unhappy marriages they cannot easily leave for various reasons. But maybe you’re not sure what you want? Here’s Curvicality’s definitive guide to whether you would be happier married or single:

Curvicality’s Should-I-Couple-Up Or What Guide

Coupled Life vs. Single Life Quiz
  1. I just love to kill bugs and deal with mousetraps! (Yes? Give yourself one Single Point!)
  2. I really enjoy plopping down on the rim of a cold toilet in the middle of the night in winter after my partner has left the seat up. Again. (Yes? Give yourself one Couple-Up Point!)
  3. Picking up someone’s dirty underwear and placing it in the hamper about a foot away from the spot on the floor where it was left is one of my favorite pastimes. (Yes? Give yourself one Couple-Up Point!)
  4. I like to cuddle up in cold weather and I’m allergic to dogs. (Yes? Give yourself one Couple-Up Point!)
  5. I think fart jokes are hysterical and will never tire of hearing them. (Yes? Give yourself one Couple-Up Point!)
  6. Life is only fulfilling when there’s someone snoring loudly right next to you all night. (Yes? Give yourself one Couple-Up Point!)
  7. It’s better to watch movies that someone else wants to see than to watch movies you’ve been looking forward to. (Yes? Give yourself one Couple-Up Point!)
  8. I reserve the right to spend as much money as I want on new clothes, without having to consider what my partner thinks. (Yes? Give yourself one Single Point!)
  9. Each and every cubby in the shoe closet is mine. Not sharing. (Yes? Give yourself one Single Point!)
  10. Being single means never having to deal with a partner’s desire to eat vegan or keto or whatever. (Yes? Give yourself one Single Point!)  
  11. I like to eat things like cold creamed corn right out of the can, and I do not need anybody’s judgment, thank you. (Yes? Give yourself one Single Point!) 
  12. Someone else needs to make coffee for me in the morning, because in order to be aware enough to make coffee, I need coffee. (Yes? Give yourself one Couple-Up Point!) 
  13. Investigating creepy noises coming from the basement at 3 a.m. is a fun way to break up the otherwise boring, long nights. (Yes? Give yourself one Single Point!) 
  14. I need to keep my options open for that inevitable day when (name of hot celebrity of your choice here) realizes I am the one. (Yes? Give yourself one Single Point!) 
  15. I have three doggos and two cats and they must sleep with me, so there’s no room for anybody else. (Yes? Give yourself one Single Point!) 
To score: I am bad at math, so I don’t know. Stay single if you want. Get married or live with someone if you want. Who am I to say? Sophia Sinclair is Curvicality’s sex and relationships writer and the author of the Small-Town Secrets romance series, available on Amazon. Reach Sophia at

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