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Plus Size Travel: The Resort Caters to Everybody and Every Body

Some people still haven’t gotten the news that people with bodies of all sizes enjoy and deserve beach vacations. One who has is James King, who along with his wife opened The Resort on Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas.

Monique Cartwright

Monique: More Than a Pretty Face

For most of her life, Monique Cartwright was seen as the beautiful girl who would be even prettier if she lost weight.

Jheri Hunter owner of Pink Icing Boutique

Pink Icing Owner Jheri Hunter Talks about Juneteenth, Freedom and Confidence

What does Juneteenth mean to Pink Icing owner Jheri Hunter? “It means freedom. It really means freedom.”


Thanks to Elle Baez, Body Positivity Has a Soundtrack

Thanks to Elle Baez, body positivity has a soundtrack.

Valnetine's Day Couple Wideweb

Want To Keep the Spirit of Valentine’s Day in Your Relationship All Year Long?

Live your life like the main character in a romance novel

Don’t Forget Your Home Phone Number From 20 Years Ago!

Don’t Forget Your Home Phone Number From 20 Years Ago!

Also, who was that one guy in that one movie?

Sexy Sadie vs. the Nana Nightgown 

Sexy Sadie vs. the Nana Nightgown 

The search is on for a new nightgown. I’ve scoured the mall and most of the internet with no luck.

Texts gone very very wrong

Texts Gone Very, Very Wrong

You quickly compose a text, hit send, and then shriek in horror as you realize you have just sent a sexy post to your not-sexy colleague. Or you sent an expletive-filled rant meant for someone else to your nice Aunt Mary. And there’s no getting it back. 

Do You and Your Partner Speak the Same Love Language?

Do You and Your Partner Speak the Same Love Language?

Fourteen years ago, I married a European. English is not his first language, or his second or third or fourth. And because of that, in our early days, we often misunderstood each other in hilarious ways. Even though his English was pretty good, figures of speech left him completely flummoxed. 

coping with Too Much Togetherness

When You and Your Partner Have Too Much Togetherness

How to deal with excessive corona-caused cabin fever