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Curvology selling clothes during the epidemic

How I Kept My Plus-Size Boutique in Business During the Shut-Down

I opened Curvology, my plus-size clothing boutique, in November of 2018. My original business model was to create a safe space for women to walk in the door and find fashion-forward clothing that was not sold to the masses and not available anywhere else in town. 

connecting with old friends

Remembering the Girl From Up the Street

Sometimes, as moms, we can get stuck in the lives we’ve created. Those created lives, at times, have a way of blinding us to our destiny, even though it has been there all along.

My Body Confidence Written In Ink - body confidence tattoo - Curvicality Magazine

My Body Confidence Written In Ink

I remember the sentence so clearly. It was directed at me — a fat girl who had been audacious enough to wear a tank top on a very hot day. “That’s weird, I didn’t know people could get stretch marks on their arms.”