Greatness is Coming, and I’m Creating It

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We always want to be better versions of ourselves. The question is: How can we make that happen?

Do we believe we can make a better version of ourselves? When we wish for it, can we strive to make it come true? Or, do we believe that things that we work for or strive for can’t be achieved?

I believe that this is where manifestation comes into play.

What is manifestation really? Everyone has their version of what manifesting means to them. Me personally, I think manifestation is making a goal  — whether it be a long term or short term goal — and working to make it happen. We do this by creating positive affirmations and by letting go of any negativity that may be holding us back.

I also believe that manifesting greatness goes a long way.

To me, manifestation is aspiring to be better and wanting better for myself, and creating and following through on goals that I’ve set for myself. It’s also not waiting for anyone to help me or to come along to assist me. Rather, it’s relying on myself to get my goals met. Researching, networking, making the right connections. All those things are important.

I do this through visualization.

I also have a notebook that I write things down in. And, I have a wall with sticky notes. That’s my manifestation wall.

It is filled with things that I want to come to me and things that I have dreamed of. Getting married, purchasing a home, investing, etc. are some of the many things that I have placed on my wall. I use colorful sticky notes to place an importance on each goal. In the past, I would also make vision boards with what I wanted to fulfill.

Am I making preparations for this manifestation to take place?

Of course. One goal pours into another goal. Some of the items on my wall take time achieve, but I am not giving up, and neither should anyone reading this. Are there times that I get frustrated that a particular goal hasn’t manifested? Of course. But that makes me even more determined to try harder to achieve that goal.

To remain more focused, set up a timeline.

Think of a “due date” when you want to have your goal set. It can be a couple of days, weeks, months, even years. (It does not have to be tomorrow, right?)

Manifesting brings out the better part of you.

You can’t imagine how much better you will feel as each goal is met. You will feel pride and warmth within yourself. You can say to yourself, “I did this!” This gives you the confidence to go for the next goal and the next one after that.

To keep myself balanced, there are a few things I do to keep myself going:

  • I go for walks.
  • I play comforting music.
  • I work out.
  • I do yoga (right at home).
  • I add to my wall of manifest and abundance.
  • I create and repeat positive affirmations to keep my mind, soul and body in a positive place.

Make your wall. Make your vision board. You will see how much better you will feel inside and out. While going through this powerful transformation, journal about your experiences. You can always go back to that entry later and see your progress.

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