5 Things Plus-Size Women Have Learned From Lizzo

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As a plus-size woman who is heavily involved in the body-positive movement, I'm always looking for those "aha moments" that take my body positivity to a new level. Sometimes, the greatest teachers are right in front of us. Check out these 5 things plus-size women have learned from Lizzo.

I’ve been on a Lizzo kick lately. Obsessed, really. Truth be told, I can’t stop watching her TikTok.  I feel like I’m getting a consistently entertaining class on things plus-size women have learned from Lizzo

Why, you ask? It’s because Lizzo has the attitude I wish plus-size women had had when I was growing up. She’s fierce, funny and anything BUT concerned what the world thinks.  I would have had a different childhood experience if I had been taught exactly what Lizzo is teaching the world …  that it’s ok to simply be yourself. 


Tour starts in 2 DAYS! Do you have tickets? 🥹

♬ Special - Lizzo

Sexy Doesn’t Have to Be Serious

If we could pick one plus-size queen to rock out with for a night, it would be Lizzo. She reminds us that gone are the days when sexy is serious. It’s fun! She lets it all hang out, proudly. And isn’t that what the plus-size movement is all about — being ourselves? 

Be the Change You Want to See in the World

Seeing Lizzo accept her Emmy brought tears to our eyes. She is truly being the change she wants to see in the world. And she reminds us that we, too, can be that inspiration for every plus-size little girl out there who has a dream. All it takes is one planted seed for that little girl to see this light. That she, too, can be anyone she wants to be.  


Y’all… I’m still crying. We won an Emmy🥲

♬ original sound - lizzo

“You’re Special” Is Not An Overused Term

We’re all broken at one point or another. But let me tell you, a little Lizzo can remind you that you are so special.  No, friend, this term is not overused. You can never be told you’re special too often.  We all need a pick-me-up, right? 

There Is No “One Definition” of Pretty and Fit

Plus-size fitness is a thing, and we’re not about to roll over for the haters and nay-sayers. Neither should you.  Plus-size athletes are more visible than they have every been before. 

Plus-Size Women Are Cover Girls

“Lizzo Unwrapped” graced the cover of Elle UK, sporting Balenciaga yellow caution tape.  We love that she made the experience fun and fabulous. She shows us that we, too, are cover girls.


Im on the cover of elle uk wearing balenciussy tape n i managed to make n draft this tiktok for yall cus im insane lol -

♬ About Damn Time - Lizzo

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