Texts Gone Very, Very Wrong

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You quickly compose a text, hit send, and then shriek in horror as you realize you have just sent a sexy post to your not-sexy colleague. Or you sent an expletive-filled rant meant for someone else to your nice Aunt Mary. And there’s no getting it back. 

Sometimes sending a text astray doesn’t matter. You mean to text your husband to pick up a gallon of milk and you sent it to a friend. All you have to do is send, “Oops, sorry! That was meant for Hubs!”

But sometimes things are decidedly more awkward, and you begin sending multiple “OMG, I’m so sorry, that was not meant for you!” texts. Any of these sound familiar?

When you send this to your boss, not your bestie:

“I’m gonna fake a headache and knock off early. See ya at the bar in about half an hour!” 

When you send this to a close friend, not to your new crush:

“I’m dying to get naked with you”

When you send this to your new crush, not to your friend you wanted to confide in:

“I like him, but I honestly was kinda disappointed by our first night together”

When you send this to the person you’re venting about, not to the person you meant to vent to:

“Does (friend you’re venting about) always have to be a drama queen? Really getting sick of her crap!”

When you meant to send this to anyone but your mother, but of course you sent it to your mother:

“Mom is once again guilting me into spending a weekend with her, so I’ll have to miss the party”

Sometimes it’s not just a text. Sometimes it’s a sexy pic you meant to send to your husband or boyfriend, but you somehow sent your boobalicious glory shot astray. (We assume you don’t have both a boyfriend and a husband, but if you do, you had better be particularly careful about mixing things up!)

A very good habit to get into is to pause every single time before you hit send and make sure you’re about to send to the right person. Particularly if you have different people with the same name playing very different roles in your life! Do not mix up college-friend Chris with new-boss Chris. 

Have you ever sent a text worthy of the Text Hall of Shame? Tell us about it!

Sophia Sinclair is Curvicality’s sex and relationships editor and is the author of the Small-Town Secrets romance series. Follow her on FB and Instagram and check out her author’s page on Amazon.com/author/sophiasinclairromance


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