Take a Curvy Cruise with The Curvy Fashionista

Anchors away, ladies. It’s time to take a cruise on the curvy side.

Marie Denee, founder of The Curvy Fashionista, recently sponsored the second annual “TCFCruise.” And let me tell you, these ladies had a blast in true Curvy Fashionista style. 

“It’s a very fun space,” she tells Curvicality. “The women felt welcomed and supported by each other… You might not have felt comfortable wearing a bikini by yourself, but if you were surrounded by other plus-size women who were coming out in bikinis, you might.”

Take a Curvy Cruise with The Curvy Fashionista - Hot Tub Fun - Curvicality magazine

For many, the cruise was an opportunity for readers to meet women they’d been friendly with on the site for years. Some of the women were so active on the site that they already felt they knew each other. Plus, Denee’s own mother, grandmother and one of her team members came.

The TCFCruise Was Born on a Facebook Live

The whole idea for the TCFCruise began on Facebook Live, when a Curvy Fashionista reader suggested that meeting up in person on a cruise would be an incredible experience. Marie loved the idea, and worked with a travel agent to coordinate the trip.

“It’s a space where we’re able to celebrate and be excited together. I think there is an affirmation that my body is OK … a sisterhood that’s kind of created,” she shares.

The premise behind the cruise is pretty simple: Have fun, girl! 

“I think sometimes we forget that we can actually spend some time on ourselves. It’s important that we realize that we can make these choices to have a little bit of fun, as well as to indulge and to explore and get out and see and celebrate with other plus people,” she says. 

Take a Curvy Cruise with The Curvy Fashionista - Dancing the Night Away - Curvicality magazine

Community is what the TCFCruise is all about. “For me, what makes me feel the best is that I’m connecting with people in real life. A lot of the plus-size community has been versed online, and so having a moment to kind of take it offline, to engage in a more intimate setting … to celebrate, laugh and just exist.”

One of the best parts about the cruise is being with women who look like you. “You’re surrounded by sisters who look like you, who inspire you, and sometimes it gives you the courage to step outside of whatever you were afraid of,” says Denee.

Each year, about 30 women go on the cruise. The first year, the group went on Royal Carribean. The second year, they went on Carnival Cruise Lines. Some people came alone. Others came with a group of girlfriends, and come as a group every year. “It was very welcoming and encouraging and exciting. It was very much a get-away girls trip,” she shares.

Take a Curvy Cruise with The Curvy Fashionista - YOur New Best Friends - Curvicality magazine

“This past cruise was a lot of fun because the DJ was amazing and there was so much to do,” she says. “There were comedians, shows, a club, an adult scavenger hunt.” (Side note: Always the life of the party, Denee pulled her hamstring while hamming it up and doing the splits during a game on the adult scavenger hunt.)

Denee sets up the cruises to have a mix of structure and free time. “We didn’t have the whole time booked out,” she says. 

One of the highlights of the TCF events was the Denim and Pearls Party. “Everyone wore different versions of denim … dresses, jeans, jackets.” The theme event gave cruisers a chance to be their own Curvy Fashionista in true TCF style. 


Take a Curvy Cruise with The Curvy Fashionista - Dining In - Curvicality magazine

Blue Night was also a hit. “For the captain’s dinner, we all wore different shades of blue. Everyone sits together at dinner at three tables that are located nearby each other,” she says. 

There were also impromptu club nights, get-togethers and groups of women who attended signature Carnival events. 

The next TCFCruise will happen in 2020. For updated info, visit the TCFCruise site. Info for this year’s cruise is still on the site, so look for updates in 2020.

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