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Meet Curvicality Brand Ambassador La’Toya Nicole: A Lady Who Wears Many (Stylish!) Hats

Most people are content with one career. Curvicality Brand Ambassador La’Toya Nicole has … well, we can’t even count them all, but we’ll try. Let’s see: College science professor, makeup artist, model … we feel like we missed a few!

Mary Beth Cooper, Curvicality Founder and Editor

A Letter From Curvicality Founder / Editor Mary Beth Cooper

This late-summer issue of Curvicality Magazine is a celebration. We’re back and stronger than ever! Covid put a dent in our publication, but we came together as a community to overcome all of the obstacles standing in our way. It takes an army, and we created one.

Plus-Size Photographer Jose Pagãn

Meet Plus-Size Photographer Jose Pagãn

Plus-size photographer Jose Pagãn brings his unique artistry and insight to the models he photographs in order to bring out each woman’s innate beauty and sensuality. We share a sampling of his photographs from PhotoTour 2021.

Covid 19 Depression and Anxiety

Letter From the Editor: Struggling with COVID Anxiety? Here’s How One Anxiety Sufferer Copes

I’ve struggled with debilitating anxiety since I was a child. I had my first panic attack at just 5. Fast forward 40 years, and I’ve learned to cope. However, the coping tools I’ve learned are anything but COVID friendly.

Body Love? It Doesn’t Start with His Opinion - mary beth cooper - Curvicality magazine

Body Love? It Doesn’t Start with His Opinion

I talk to women about their bodies all day long. In the process, I hear a recurring comment: “He (or she) really loves my body.”

‘Perfect Fit’ Serves Up Plus-Size Romance - Sophia Sinclair - Curvicality Magazine

‘Perfect Fit’ Serves Up Plus-Size Romance

You know Sophia Sinclair, our sex and relationships writer, from Shits and Giggles and her other pieces in Curvicality, but did you know she also writes romance novels? We sat down and talked to Sophia about her latest book, “Perfect Fit,” which features a plus-size protagonist.

Mary Beth Cooper - Editor, Curvicality Magazine

October Letter from the Editor

Forget Being Super. Just Be You.

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Inaugural Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor