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Forget Being Super. Just Be You.

Welcome to the second issue of Curvicality Magazine. It’s hard to believe we’ve connected with 20,000 followers in such a short period of time. On behalf of our entire team, we can’t thank you enough!!! You are what Curvicality is all about.

If you’ve followed our efforts, you know we’re all about positive body image, community and growth. Our goal is to help you find a space where you can be yourself just as you are. Right here, right now.

So as we venture into this October issue, I want to ask you an important question: Are you too hard on yourself in your daily life?

Be honest. I’m betting the answer is yes.

As women, we are so hard on ourselves: mentally, physically and emotionally. We spend so much time trying to please the world. As a result, we find ourselves becoming something other than our authentic selves.

Do any of these things sound familiar?

  • We compare ourselves to others, wishing we were something different, rather than celebrating who we are.
  • We are so hard on ourselves that we forget to appreciate the simple joys of everyday life.
  • And we expend countless amounts of energy ruminating on who we want to be instead of making the most of our lives and where we are right now.

It’s ingrained in our culture.

In short, we try to be Superwoman.

(Come on now, it’s almost Halloween! That’s my favorite costume.) Superworker. Supermom. Super spouse. Super dater (for we, um, single gals). Super friend. And the list goes on.

Super everything.

Enough is enough, ladies. This month, I want to challenge you to do one thing: Give yourself a super break.

The only thing you need to be is you.

That’s it.

You are enough just as you are. Yes, you hear these words often. But do they truly resonate? Chances are they don’t, which is why I’m hoping this will be your warmly welcomed wakeup call.

In this very special second issue of Curvicality, I invite you to look inward. The only thing you need to be “super” at is the way you look at life itself.

This month, find one thing that you can do for yourself, and stick with it. Maybe it’s working toward better body image, and learning to embrace your curves. Maybe it’s finding the positives in those little things in your life that frustrate you. Maybe it’s simply taking downtime for yourself.

You don’t need to be amazing and move mountains. You just need to be you.

You are enough just as you are. Remember that.

In this issue, you’ll find many ways to reflect. You can read about:

Cover Story:

We flew out to Los Angeles to interview Carmen Rene. A social media superstar, body image activist and lymphedema warrior, Carmen tells Curvicality readers how to leave body doubt behind and take the journey to reinventing love of body, mind and soul.


Love dance? You’ll adore this. We chat with the WERQ Fitness crew about their body-positive cardio dance class that can be found in gyms around the country. And, we dive into how to avoid workout injuries with group fitness trainer Kari Ott.

Our Top Fall Fashion Picks:

We’ll show you our 25 favorite plus-size coats for fall, and for those of you who wear wide-calf boots, how to find boots that fit (along with our top 7 picks).

Your Stories:

Author Paige Fieldsted and Curvicality Board Member Kandis Draw open up about how they found body positivity in their lives.

Influencer Corner:

We talk to Eboni Lacey, the genius creative mind behind The Identity of She. She tells Curvicality how she came to invent her well-known body-positive brand and apparel line.

Eat the Cake Too with Carmen Rene:

In her monthly column, cover model Carmen Rene talks about why she doesn’t want to be brave, and neither does superstar Lizzo.

Sexy in Your Own Skin:

In her very first monthly column, renowned pole-fit instructor Ro’Yale Da Queen of Curves talks about how you can feel sexy in your own skin every single day.

Body Image:

We talk about Body Shaming Among Gal Pals, How to Raise Kids Who Don’t Hate Their Bodies and How Practicing Body Gratitude Can Change Your Life.


We’re chatting up why Lane Bryant’s ‘I’m No Angel’ campaign is genius, and why getting a revenge body is the worst idea ever.

Dating and Marriage:

Author Josh Wilson weighs in on Online Dating, telling the stories of dating from a humorous male perspective. We also talk about dating apps, and for you married folks, author Michelle Teheux talks about Why Silliness is the Secret to a Happy Marriage.


Sophia Sinclair dives into her personal grocery cart judging problem (yes, she’s judging you), and in Your Vagina is Calling, she chats about current apps that involve, well, your hoo-ha.

And much, much more.

Do you see fall as a time to restart? Share with us!

Remember you can always contact me at MaryBeth@Curvicality.com

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