conversations to have on a first date

Some Funny … and Serious … Conversations to Have On a First Date

Got a hot first date?

Carmen Rene Column: Ladies, Your Pleasure is Non-Negotiable

Eat the Cake Too with Carmen Rene: Ladies, Your Pleasure is Non-Negotiable!

If you jiggle, you jiggle.

Six Tips to Do This Whole New Relationship Thing Right - Curvicality Magazine

6 Tips to Do This Whole New Relationship Thing Right

I really like you! Now I want to change everything about you!

when your vagina is like an old tractor - Curvicality Magazine

When Your Vagina is a Lot Like A Tractor

A friend is beginning a relationship that has all the markings of True Love. She’s been celibate for an extended period of time (there are probably nuns with a more active sex life than she’s had in recent years) and she’s perimenopausal. Thus, she’s afraid that things might not work right down there, if you catch my drift. 

The Curvicality Guide to HIbernation Sex - Curvicality magazine - Sophia Sinclair

Brrrrring on the Hibernation Sex

Baby, it’s cold outside. Or at least, it is where I am. Perhaps you are sitting poolside in southern Florida or another warm location as you read this; if so, up yours. The rest of us are cold and miserable and we do not like you.

Your Vagaina Is Calling - Sex-related apps -Curvicality Magazine

Your Vagina Is Calling: The Hoo-Ha Apps We Absolutely Must Talk About

When you got your first cell phone, did you think to yourself, “Wow, this is just what my vagina needed?” 

Intimacy Corner - Curvicality

Intimacy Corner: How to Open Up and Enjoy Sex More

A Message for the Reader: This piece is for all of you who are struggling with self-consciousness during intimacy. Especially the shy girls. I don’t normally write about sex because I’m a shy girl myself, but I wanted to write this piece in hopes that many of you can relate.