Sophia Sinclair

Monique Cartwright

Monique: More Than a Pretty Face

For most of her life, Monique Cartwright was seen as the beautiful girl who would be even prettier if she lost weight.

Valnetine's Day Couple Wideweb

Want To Keep the Spirit of Valentine’s Day in Your Relationship All Year Long?

Live your life like the main character in a romance novel

Curvicality Plus-Size Magazine

Meet Curvicality Brand Ambassador La’Toya Nicole: A Lady Who Wears Many (Stylish!) Hats

Most people are content with one career. Curvicality Brand Ambassador La’Toya Nicole has … well, we can’t even count them all, but we’ll try. Let’s see: College science professor, makeup artist, model … we feel like we missed a few!

when your vagina is like an old tractor - Curvicality Magazine

Of Vaginas and Tractors, Part II

If you happened to read “When Your Vagina is a Lot like a Tractor” in a previous issue, you might have been wondering … how are things working out for Blanche?

Corona Hair

Spring’s Hottest Corona Hairstyles!

We all want to look cute this spring, as we sit in our houses alone and unseen. But we can’t hit the hairdresser, so we have to figure out our spring look without professional help. I’m sure it will go smashingly for all of us, though!

Coronavirus horoscope

Your Humorous Horoscope (I Totally Predicted This Pandemic, You Know)

It was in the stars all along

Is it time to reinvent yourself

Is It Time to Reinvent Yourself?

From time to time, we all think about reinventing ourselves. Should you do it?

conversations to have on a first date

Some Funny … and Serious … Conversations to Have On a First Date

Got a hot first date?

Where Do You Keep Your Exes?

Where Do You Keep Your Exes?

Many of us have built up a collection of exes, and sometimes it’s hard to know what we should do with all of them.

when your vagina is like an old tractor - Curvicality Magazine

When Your Vagina is a Lot Like A Tractor

A friend is beginning a relationship that has all the markings of True Love. She’s been celibate for an extended period of time (there are probably nuns with a more active sex life than she’s had in recent years) and she’s perimenopausal. Thus, she’s afraid that things might not work right down there, if you catch my drift.