Jordan Peterson To Yumi - Sorry. Not beautiful

Mixed-Up YouTube Star Thinks His Opinion About A Gorgeous Plus-Sized Model Matters

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but one famous trouble-maker believes it’s a matter of science — and politics.


Hats Off to Old Navy! We Love Their Size-Inclusive BOD EQUALITY Campaign

Old Navy is on a mission that we love: to create a world where all sizes are equal. On Aug. 20, the retail chain will launch BODEQUALITY, a campaign where every size will be offered in all of its women’s styles with zero price difference.

Felanese - Lupas Warrior

Felanese – Lupus Warrier and Positive Plus-Size Beauty

Welcome to my first official Curvicality column. I’m so glad you’re here! Photo by Jose Pagan.

black plus-size yoga

Yoga is For Every Body — The Making of a Black, Plus-Size Yoga Enthusiast

This is why it matters that black, plus-size women do yoga.

Depression and Anxiety Give Way to a New State of Mind - Evelyn Ceballos

Evelyn Ceballos Column: Depression and Anxiety Give Way to a New State of Mind

I truly can’t pinpoint when my anxiety and depression started, but I was bullied at a very young age and dealt with many insecurities growing up.

Body Image Paige

Paige Fieldsted Column: How I Ditched the Body Image Struggle and Finally Learned to Love Myself 

My story isn’t unique. I grew up as the fat friend, I have always been plus-size, I’ve tried all the diets, done all the workout routines.

when your vagina is like an old tractor - Curvicality Magazine

Of Vaginas and Tractors, Part II

If you happened to read “When Your Vagina is a Lot like a Tractor” in a previous issue, you might have been wondering … how are things working out for Blanche?

Corona Hair

Spring’s Hottest Corona Hairstyles!

We all want to look cute this spring, as we sit in our houses alone and unseen. But we can’t hit the hairdresser, so we have to figure out our spring look without professional help. I’m sure it will go smashingly for all of us, though!

who are you dressing up for

Who Are You Dressing Up For?

And whose opinion about your appearance matters?

5 Ways to Practice Body Love During Social Distancing

5 Ways to Practice Body Love During Social Distancing

No doubt you’ve been practicing social distancing, or maybe even lockdown, for at least a few days. We are all spending more time at home, more time walking past our mirrors, more time alone with our thoughts and insecurities.