reversing negative body thoughts

Saying Goodbye to Unhelpful Thinking About Our Bodies and Lives! - Rachel Micheletti

Rachel Micheletti Column: Shoulda Coulda Woulda: Saying Goodbye to Unhelpful Thinking About Our Bodies (and Lives!) 

The way we think about what happens to us can make all the difference in the conclusions we form.

Back Handed Compliments Are Really Insults - Amanda LaCount

Amanda LaCount Column: Back-Handed Compliments Are Really Insults

It always amazes me when people give me insults veiled as compliments. These “compliments” are given with a smile like we should appreciate what they are saying. I think it is time to educate the world, including close friends and even relatives. Below are a few of my all-time favorites.

A Perfect 14 plus-size model

“A Perfect 14” Documentary Reveals Surprising Truths About the Plus-Size Modeling Industry

The modeling industry shows you a fantasy. “A Perfect 14” shows you what’s behind it.

Covid 19 Depression and Anxiety

Letter From the Editor: Struggling with COVID Anxiety? Here’s How One Anxiety Sufferer Copes

I’ve struggled with debilitating anxiety since I was a child. I had my first panic attack at just 5. Fast forward 40 years, and I’ve learned to cope. However, the coping tools I’ve learned are anything but COVID friendly.

Permission Granted

Rachel Micheletti: Permission Granted: Trust, Achieve, Repeat 

Remember back when we were kids and had a field trip coming up? We would get the requisite permission slip that had to be signed by a parent or guardian.

Reclaim. Unchain. Reframe. 

Rachel Micheletti: Reclaim, Unchain, Reframe … Taking Back Your Power 

Think back to the first time another person took the time to make you feel that you were not of value because of your body shape or size. That you had less worth than someone else. That you were not beautiful or important or meaningful. That you didn’t deserve to take up your space.

Why I Do CrossFit and Love it

Why I Do CrossFit and Love it

And why you might, too.

Going all natural for seven days - Paige-Fieldsted- Curvicality magazine

Columnist Paige Fieldsted: What Going All Natural For 7 Days Taught Me

In a world of photo filters, Photoshop and the highlight reel that is social media, we have women convinced we have to do more and more to fit the mold. I took a challenge from one of our readers and decided to step away from the idea of looking “perfect” and to embrace just being me by going all natural for seven days. 

Rachael Micheletti Burlesque - Curvicality Magazine

Columnist Rachel Micheletti: Burlesque – Get Naked and Dance!

If you had asked my 25-year-old self if I could see a future in which I would take my clothes off in front of a live audience (on purpose!) I would have probably laughed, or maybe cried, and walked away quickly.

Self Love - Learning to Love Myself - Cassandra Mans - Curvicality magazine

How I Fell In Love with Me

Hello, my name is Cassandra Mans, called San by family and friends. I want to share my story of my journey to body positivity.