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PLus Size Burlesque LaChina in black dress

Red Hot: S.O.P.H.A.T. Plus-Size Burlesque is So Fine

The sultry art of burlesque is for everyone. Just ask dancer LaChina Jones-Kariem, founder of the plus-size burlesque troupe S.O.P.H.A.T.

black plus-size yoga

Yoga is For Every Body — The Making of a Black, Plus-Size Yoga Enthusiast

This is why it matters that black, plus-size women do yoga.

plus-size white water rafting guide

Taking Up Space Outdoors: White Water Rafting

Ashley Manning is a self-proclaimed plus-sized outdoorswoman. From hiking the Appalachian trail to working as a white water river rafting guide, she prefers being outdoors above all else, and she loves changing the perspective of those around her while doing it. 

Eloquii plus-size Swimwear

Our Fave ELOQUII Swimsuits

Summer is coming – we promise. And whether you are cooling off in the back-yard sprinkler, or sitting six feet apart at the beach, you will want to look delectably cool in one of these.

sarah jane reign Chub Rub

‘Chub Rub’? Here’s What to Do

Whether it’s thigh rash from a long workout or painful breast chafing on a hot summer day, we’ve all had it. Chafing is something that happens to everyone sooner or later, regardless of body type and activity level. 

my favorite medicine ball exercises

Looking to Change Up Your Workout Routine? Let’s Talk Med Balls!

In truth, you don’t need a lot of equipment to workout. Med balls offer awesome alternatives to traditional weighted workouts. So if you’re getting bored, change it up a little!

Why I Do CrossFit and Love it

Why I Do CrossFit and Love it

And why you might, too.

Kailey Kornhauser - biking is for every body

She Biked Across Alaska … Meet Body-Positive Cyclist Kailey Kornhauser

Add biking to the very long list of things anybody of any size can enjoy. 

DANYA Curvicality Plus-Size Magazine 1

Meet Body Positive Influencer and Aerial Yoga Instructor Danya Avner

Danya Avner, a body-positive influencer and aerial yoga instructor with more than 530K followers on TikTok, wants you to know aerial yoga is for all body types. In fact, she posts videos daily to prove it.

Plus-size brides - Eloquii and Ella & Oak - Curvicality Plus-size Magazine

ELOQUII Teams Up with Ella & Oak to Bring Plus-Size Brides Their Dream Dress Experience

Every bride likes to make buying her dress an event. If you’re a plus-size bride who is about to say “I do,” you’ll love this. (Photo Credit: Ella & Oak.)