‘Chub Rub’? Here’s What to Do

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Whether it’s thigh rash from a long workout or painful breast chafing on a hot summer day, we’ve all had it. Chafing is something that happens to everyone sooner or later, regardless of body type and activity level. 

So what can you do? The answer is a glide stick called Chub Rub®.

When Zone Naturals set out to publicize its anti-chafing product, the company didn’t know if it should blatantly call it Chub Rub. It soon decided the answer should be yes. 

“Chafing is universal. It’s not a dirty word and it applies to people of all sizes. Talking about these issues, that’s something that we should not shy away from at all,” says Zone Naturals CEO Joe Freeman.

“We never wanted to offend anyone, but the consensus from our customers and influencers was their full support to be transparent about what we are trying to solve. Now, looking back, I’m proud of our product name and the success we have had early on with it,” says Freeman.

“Our goal as a company is to convey that message as genuinely as possible. That’s why we show our current and past customers who are active users of our brand,” he adds, and uses them as models in ads.

Zone Naturals Chub Rub Bust Balm Blister


Instagram Influencer Sarah Jane Reign

One of those customers is Instagram influencer Sarah Jane Reign. When she used Chub Rub, it changed her life.   

“For me, it’s not about using this product to solve a problem. What the products do for me is they help me live my life uninterrupted,” says Reign, who runs the blog SarahJaneReign

She compares her daily use of Chub Rub to her daily use of sunscreen. 

“I had ‘chub rub’ (the condition) as a teen and it hurt so bad. I couldn’t go out and do normal stuff. I was so embarrassed because I had a rash between my thighs,” Reign says. She keeps one stick in her purse and another in her vanity so she has it available anytime she needs it. She also uses Blister (another popular Zone Naturals product) to protect her feet when she wears boots or any new shoe.

Reign believes in the brand so much that she asked to help. Her experience in marketing made her a perfect fit when she met Freeman at TCF Style Expo. She has since gone on to consult with him on projects because she believes in the products.

“He truly cares about this market,” she says. 

Freeman says he was humbled by Reign’s reactions to the products. “She was so very sweet and genuine about it. I was like, wow. This is why we do what we do.” Since then, he has frequently reached out to her for advice.

That’s just one example of how Freeman has sought to connect with the plus-size community.

“The one thing I found was there are so many nice people. We are fortunate to have such an awesome customer base that is very open about giving us feedback and insight.” 

How to Deal With Chub Rub

Often people think “chub rub” is only something that happens in the summer. Actually, chub rub is caused by skin-on-skin friction and that can happen in any season.  

Let’s take for example, women who wear dresses at work. If you are a fan of the Hulu series Shrill, you will see a great scene about how painful and inconvenient this irritation is. 

Another example is when you go on vacation and spend time at the beach or walking around an amusement park. All that walking can mean thigh irritation, but applying Chub Rub can prevent problems so you enjoy your trip more.

What Sets Zone Naturals Apart?

If you follow news in the plus-size community, you know Freeman and the Zone Naturals team are everywhere. The company has sponsored events like The Curvy Con, Full Figured Fashion Week, blogger Maui Bigelow’s Life Styled event, Dream Big Midwest and The Plus Strut. To him, the brand is more than its products. It’s a brand that cares.

But how did Freeman get involved in the community? He was looking to switch things up a few years ago. His children were involved in sports, which got him interested in products aimed at supporting athletes. That led to him acquiring MedZone, which had a small line of products aimed at athletes. Soon, he embarked on his mission to create a product to help rid the world of chafing. 

During his research he met Shannon Svignen-Jones, a leader in the plus-size community. “I was asking Shannon about marketing to the plus community and creating the first brand dedicated to this market. She asked many questions to understand what we were trying to do and then gladly helped with referrals to influential people in the market once she understood our vision,” says Freeman.

“We are devoted to the plus-size community. We want to have these conversations. This is a real-life issue. At some point, everybody is going to encounter chafing, thigh rub, chub rub or whatever you want to call it. They just are. Our goal is to help customers of every size with a solution that’s going to stop the issue before it starts,” says Freeman.

Since chafing impacts everybody, MedZone has specialized products to meet different needs. Zone Naturals is the brand that makes products to serve the plus-size community, including Chub Rub, Blister Balm, Friction (for males) and Bust Balm. 

“Our mission is to continue to create products that help people with everyday issues. Regardless of size, these are impactful to our customers and we have plans to launch more products in the coming months.”

All-Natural Ingredients

Chub Rub is an all-natural skin lubricant. “It’s made out of natural ingredients that help prevent friction before it happens. Friction causes heat and irritation. When you apply this product to the skin, it helps prevent the irritation that can cause chafing,” says Freeman. “We use things like coconut oil, shea butter, Vitamin E and aloe to make it long lasting and effective for any activity.”

A sister product, the all-natural Bust Balm, is aimed specifically at breast chafing and the bra area. And Blister formula is targeted to hands and feet to help prevent blisters. Whether you want to wear a new pair of heels or need to protect your hands while working in the yard, Blister can help.

What’s next for Zone Naturals? Walmart and Other Retailers

In March, Chub Rub will be in the skin care section of Walmart stores around the country. “They have done a great job getting this product to market before the warmer months hit us. It’s going to be a great year for us.” 

Freeman says he hopes to increase the number of products that Walmart carries over the next year. “People ask us what’s next for the brand … and my response has always been, whatever the customers need.”

Curvicality is proud to partner with Zone Naturals. Connect with Zone Naturals on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/zonenaturals/ and on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/zonenaturals/

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