connecting with old friends

Remembering the Girl From Up the Street

Sometimes, as moms, we can get stuck in the lives we’ve created. Those created lives, at times, have a way of blinding us to our destiny, even though it has been there all along.

Where Do You Keep Your Exes?

Where Do You Keep Your Exes?

Many of us have built up a collection of exes, and sometimes it’s hard to know what we should do with all of them.

Looking to Settle Down? You Gotta Shop Around

Men are like houses. When you’re looking at the local real estate ads, every place looks appealing. 

crazy dating stories - Kandis Draw - Curvicality magazine

Columnist Kandis Draw: Dating Chronicles of a Single Woman

Don’t we all have bad dating experiences? Times where you meet a guy, date for a while, think this thing is going somewhere … but it doesn’t? Kinda heartbreaking, right? 

Tooting While Dating: The Definitive Guide We All Secretly Need - Curvicality magazine

Tooting While Dating: The Definitive Guide We All Secretly Need

Today, we must discuss one of the leading problems of our time: What to do about the fact that even though we all toot and we all know that we all toot, dating etiquette demands we take heroic measures to give the impression that we don’t? (Or poop, but that’s another column. I’ll get to it later. Hold it until then.)

Dating Outside Your Type - Sophia Sinclair - Curvicality magazine

Dating Outside Your Type

Do you have a type? If someone were to round up your three last partners, would they appear to be triplets separated at birth? 

Dating Apps Reviewed - Curvicality Magazine

Dating Apps Defined 

When you’re married, life is about getting home to your S.O. (Unless, of course, you’re annoyed, at which point you avoid them like the plague.) When you’re single, life is about weird dating apps. 

His Perspective - She Never Called Back-Curvicality Magazine

She Never Called Back: A Guy’s Perspective

Do you have a positive self-image? Do you feel good about yourself? Do you like who you are and what you’ve accomplished in life? Would you like for all of that to come crashing down?