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PLus Size Burlesque LaChina in black dress

Red Hot: S.O.P.H.A.T. Plus-Size Burlesque is So Fine

The sultry art of burlesque is for everyone. Just ask dancer LaChina Jones-Kariem, founder of the plus-size burlesque troupe S.O.P.H.A.T.

black plus-size yoga

Yoga is For Every Body — The Making of a Black, Plus-Size Yoga Enthusiast

This is why it matters that black, plus-size women do yoga.

sarah jane reign Chub Rub

‘Chub Rub’? Here’s What to Do

Whether it’s thigh rash from a long workout or painful breast chafing on a hot summer day, we’ve all had it. Chafing is something that happens to everyone sooner or later, regardless of body type and activity level. 

my favorite medicine ball exercises

Looking to Change Up Your Workout Routine? Let’s Talk Med Balls!

In truth, you don’t need a lot of equipment to workout. Med balls offer awesome alternatives to traditional weighted workouts. So if you’re getting bored, change it up a little!

Why I Do CrossFit and Love it

Why I Do CrossFit and Love it

And why you might, too.

DANYA Curvicality Plus-Size Magazine 1

Meet Body Positive Influencer and Aerial Yoga Instructor Danya Avner

Danya Avner, a body-positive influencer and aerial yoga instructor with more than 530K followers on TikTok, wants you to know aerial yoga is for all body types. In fact, she posts videos daily to prove it.

Rachael Micheletti Burlesque - Curvicality Magazine

Columnist Rachel Micheletti: Burlesque – Get Naked and Dance!

If you had asked my 25-year-old self if I could see a future in which I would take my clothes off in front of a live audience (on purpose!) I would have probably laughed, or maybe cried, and walked away quickly.

at-home exercise - six favorite at-home workouts for 2020 - Curvicality Magazine

6 At-Home Workouts We Adore

No time to go to the gym? Bring the gym home to you.

Stop Staring at my Legs! Life with Lymphedema  - Carmen Rene - Curvicality Magazine

Carmen Rene Column: Stop Staring at my Legs! Life with Lymphedema  

I wish I could walk around with a sign that says “I have lymphedema, stop staring at my legs!” The back would read, “Google it.”

curvicalitys-fitness-columnist-lps-top-tips-for-finding-the-perfect-personal-trainer-for-a-plus-size-woman - LP PERKINS - CURVICALITY Magazine

Curvicality’s Fitness Columnist LP’s Top Tips for Finding the Perfect Personal Trainer

As a personal trainer, I hear the same question all the time: “LP, What should I look for when I’m shopping for a trainer in my area?”