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Living With Uncertainty in the Corona Age

Living With Uncertainty in the Corona Age

One of the surprises of the Dystopian World of Corona are the long periods of … absolutely nothing. I was under the impression that there would be a lot more action going on. 

coping with Too Much Togetherness

When You and Your Partner Have Too Much Togetherness

How to deal with excessive corona-caused cabin fever

coping with stress during the pandemic

Socially Distanced and Socially Disturbed: Coping with Stress During the Pandemic

As we walked through the shopping center to the grocery store, my daughter asks, “How much longer do I have to wear this mask, Mommy? My mouth is hot!”

Carmen Allyship Blm

Carmen Rene: Allyship – Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

“Equality is one step down from privilege.”  — unknown source 

Ro'Yale aka da Queen of Curves on Pandemic Social media Stress

Ro’Yale: Pandemic Stress? Pause and Delete for Your Own Sake!

I find it harder and harder to pick up my phone and indulge in my usual pleasures of Facebook and Instagram shenanigans on my newsfeed lately. I mean dang, 2020 has been a totally BIOTCH, all gas and no breaks from devastating news so far. 

When Covid 19 Affects the Service Industry How to Give Back

When COVID-19 Affects the Service Industry: How to Give Back

Service workers across the country are facing severe financial challenges. In some states, bars and restaurants are closed altogether. In others, food service is limited to carryout and delivery.
Above: Rhythm Kitchen Music Cafe bartender Ramona Motez working prior to the Coronavirus crisis.

Looking For Reassurance in the Age of COVID-19

Michelle Teheux: Looking For Reassurance in the Age of COVID-19? Here’s Some.

Every single one of us comes from a long line of survivors. Our ancestors lived through World War II and the Great Depression. Most of us lived through 9-11. We are resilient and strong, so give yourself some credit.

social distancing

Curvicality Founder Mary Beth Cooper: 50 Things to Do When You’re Social Distancing

We live in a society where we’re constantly on the go. Concerts, movies, kid activities, sporting events and the list goes on. But what do we do when that all stops?