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Dating & Relationships Curvicality

The Plus-Size Woman’s Guide to Setting Up Your Online Dating Profile

Are you afraid to set up an online dating profile because you’re curvy? Plus size dating is an amazing experience. Follow these 8 tips to find your true love.

Monique Cartwright

Monique: More Than a Pretty Face

For most of her life, Monique Cartwright was seen as the beautiful girl who would be even prettier if she lost weight.

Black-Owned businesses

5 Black-Owned, Plus-Size Businesses to Shop for Juneteenth

Supporting black entrepreneurs is a meaningful way to celebrate Juneteenth.

Jheri Hunter owner of Pink Icing Boutique

Pink Icing Owner Jheri Hunter Talks about Juneteenth, Freedom and Confidence

What does Juneteenth mean to Pink Icing owner Jheri Hunter? “It means freedom. It really means freedom.”

Carmen Rene: Why Is It So Hard To Love Our Bodies

Carmen Rene Column: Why Is It So Hard To Love Our Bodies?

“We are not born hating our bodies, we are taught to.” 

Body Image Paige

Paige Fieldsted Column: How I Ditched the Body Image Struggle and Finally Learned to Love Myself 

My story isn’t unique. I grew up as the fat friend, I have always been plus-size, I’ve tried all the diets, done all the workout routines.

Back Handed Compliments Are Really Insults - Amanda LaCount

Amanda LaCount Column: Back-Handed Compliments Are Really Insults

It always amazes me when people give me insults veiled as compliments. These “compliments” are given with a smile like we should appreciate what they are saying. I think it is time to educate the world, including close friends and even relatives. Below are a few of my all-time favorites.

stop hating your body

Stop Hating Your Body

Do you need help silencing your inner critic? In a time of selfies and social media, maintaining a positive body image is crucial.

Our top 10 fave ELOQUII finds

Our Top 10 Fave ELOQUII Finds

Leave it to a keeping-us-all-at-home virus to find the holes in your wardrobe. Now that you may not be dressing up for business meetings, are you finding that your casual wardrobe isn’t as robust as you wish it were?

The ABCs of Better Body Image

The ABCs of Better Body Image

Just like you learned the ABCs, you can learn to love your body. Not the one you wish you had. This one. The one you are living in today.