The ABCs of Better Body Image

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Just like you learned the ABCs, you can learn to love your body. Not the one you wish you had. This one. The one you are living in today.

Remember how you learned your alphabet? Repetition. Memorization. Sounding out the letters. You can do the same when you are learning to appreciate and love your body. Read these. Write them down. Put them on post-its around the house! Which are harder for you? Work harder to remind yourself of those. Over time our bodies change, but your body love journey starts with the body you have today. Take care of it. Love it. Celebrate it. It got you to today. 


Always appreciate the amazing things your body does for you. You woke up, right! Your body does amazing things every single day.


Be your body’s best friend. Don’t be its enemy. Your body craves love.

The ABCs of Better Body Image


Do you! There’s only one you. No one else is like you, and that’s a great thing! Invest in self-love Be the best you that you can be.


Do you! There’s only one you. No one else is like you, and that’s a great thing! Invest in self-love Be the best you that you can be.


Every body deserves praise … yours included! Praise your body every day. Praise it for being strong and doing the best it can do.


Find positive role models who love their bodies. At the same time, avoid people who cause you to doubt yourself and your body. You choose your inner circle. Make it a productive one.


Get rid of those clothes that don’t fit! You deserve to feel confident and sexy in anything you wear. So what if your jeans are too tight. Get rid of them and get a new, sexy pair that fits. 


Have “you time.” Get a mani, pedi, or simply take a walk. Make doing things that make you happy a priority.


Use “I am’s,” not “I should be’s.” There is no “should.” You are amazing just as you are. Proclaim your beauty. 


Jam out. Have you ever danced the night away in your undies? Do this at least once! Dance like no one is watching.


Kaleidoscope. Remember that this is exactly what your body is. It’s a collection of your life experiences. Every stretch mark is a road map marked with greatness and resilience. 


List all the things you love about your body. Make a list of the top things you love most, and frame it.


Masterpiece… realize this is what you are. Anytime you question your worth, proclaim it. “I am a masterpiece.” 

The ABCs of Better Body Image


Never compare your body. We all have different body types. No one body type is the right kind of body to have. All bodies are beautiful!


Open your mind to change. To reinvent your body image, you have to open your heart to seeing things differently. Lean into the process.


Praise your body for all the amazing things it does every single day. The more you do this, the more positives you find. Pretty soon, it becomes habit.


Question what you see in the media. Are the images you see airbrushed? Are you being led to diet culture? Is what you see telling you that you aren’t enough? Be a master media critic.


Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts about your body. When a negative thought comes up, make it a habit to immediately replace it with something more productive. Change begins with you.


Stop wishing your body were different. The more time you spend celebrating the body you don’t have, the more your body image suffers. If you’re always thinking about what isn’t, you aren’t celebrating what is. There’s always somebody who wants to have something you DO HAVE!


Take pride in who you are. Own it. Live it. Love it. 


Use your life as an example to help others who are struggling with body image. You will be someone’s inspiration just when you least expect. 


Va-va-voom! Remember that you are a sexy, capable, worthy woman. Live your life to the fullest. 


Weight is just a number. Don’t get fixated on it. In fact, throw out your scale. 


XXX….Don’t be afraid to celebrate your body during intimacy. Show your tummy, your thighs and your fluff. Get comfortable getting naked! The right person will adore every inch of you.


You are imperfectly perfect just as you are. Remember this. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you. You’re a work of art.


Zebra! Zebras have stripes. It makes them special. Be a zebra by celebrating those things that make you special.

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