LP: Yes, You Can Get In a Great Workout, Even At Home!

LP PERKINS - Curvicality Magaine Fitness Columnist
Before you go out and buy something you want but don’t need, take a look at your home and realize it’s already full of exercise equipment in one way shape or form. 

Do you have a sofa in the center of the room? Then you’re all set to do sumo squats and Romanian deadlifts. Just stand at one end of your sofa and lift. As always, LIFT WITH YOUR LEGS, NOT YOUR BACK!

I’m sure you have a table and chairs. Great! You can do push-ups using either of them. The table makes for an easy starting point. For a little more intensity, hit the chair. Now that you have worked the chest and biceps, let’s end with working the triceps. 

Go take a look at the cleaning cabinet. Grab that plastic jug. Make sure the top is tightly closed, and then do some bend over rows and lateral raises. 

Do you have great hardwood floors? Get some socks or old clothes and let’s get to work. 

You can act like you’re skating in the house (keep your knees soft) and feel the burn in your thighs. You can do mountain climbers, too.

Yes, we’re all looking forward to being able to safely hit the gym, but nobody knows when every area will be open, so in the meantime, don’t lose your conditioning!

For some of you, it isn’t a matter of losing your conditioning; it’s getting conditioned for the first time. If you are at loose ends right now and want to use your extra time to get into shape, you can do it at home using these tips.

Get moving! See you next month!

About the Author: LP is a personal trainer based out of New York. She is also Curvicaity’s monthly fitness columnist. For more LP, you can find her on IG @sexy_as_i_get

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