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Rachel Micheletti

Ask Rachel Column

Hey you, welcome to my little corner! Every month, I’ll be answering all your questions in this very special Curvicality Column, Ask Rachel. Got a question to submit? You can submit it here. Photo by Jose Pagan

Saying Goodbye to Unhelpful Thinking About Our Bodies and Lives! - Rachel Micheletti

Rachel Micheletti Column: Shoulda Coulda Woulda: Saying Goodbye to Unhelpful Thinking About Our Bodies (and Lives!) 

The way we think about what happens to us can make all the difference in the conclusions we form.

Rachel's Zoom Rules

Humor: The Zoom Rules (How to Make Sure You Still Have a Job When You Are Allowed to Return to Work) 

Six months ago, the majority of us had never had a single meeting online for anything. And in the matter of two weeks, online meetings became as ubiquitous as making coffee or brushing our teeth when we get up in the morning.

Permission Granted

Rachel Micheletti: Permission Granted: Trust, Achieve, Repeat 

Remember back when we were kids and had a field trip coming up? We would get the requisite permission slip that had to be signed by a parent or guardian.

Innovation in a Time of Quarantine 

(Self) Love in a Time of Quarantine 

WTF. I didn’t know how else to start this, to be honest. In January and February, I was really feeling like things were coming together, like the seeds I had planted and nourished and cared for were all of a sudden blooming. And then March said to the world NOT SO FAST. 

Reclaim. Unchain. Reframe. 

Rachel Micheletti: Reclaim, Unchain, Reframe … Taking Back Your Power 

Think back to the first time another person took the time to make you feel that you were not of value because of your body shape or size. That you had less worth than someone else. That you were not beautiful or important or meaningful. That you didn’t deserve to take up your space.

My Body Confidence Written In Ink - body confidence tattoo - Curvicality Magazine

My Body Confidence Written In Ink

I remember the sentence so clearly. It was directed at me — a fat girl who had been audacious enough to wear a tank top on a very hot day. “That’s weird, I didn’t know people could get stretch marks on their arms.” 

Rachael Micheletti Burlesque - Curvicality Magazine

Columnist Rachel Micheletti: Burlesque – Get Naked and Dance!

If you had asked my 25-year-old self if I could see a future in which I would take my clothes off in front of a live audience (on purpose!) I would have probably laughed, or maybe cried, and walked away quickly.