Carmen Rene: Your Quarantine Body is Still Your Summer Body

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Maintaining a positive body image can be a challenge in the best of times. We are not in the best of times; we are in the middle of a pandemic. If you are struggling, you are not alone.
A very special shoutout to all essential workers and also those quarantined with small children: You are all the real MVPs! 

Stress, anxiety and financial worry seem to be at an all-time high right now with millions of Americans out of work and quarantined at home. It is no surprise that our bodies have also changed in response to everything going on. Weight gain is often a side effect of stress and well, this is a f%#&ing stressful time! The reality is that this is normal and it’s really OK. But, because we live in the world we do, we have used this as another opportunity to demonize fat bodies.

Getting fat during the quarantine has been the butt of countless memes, jokes and TikTok videos recently. The intention may be in good fun but it is not fun for those of us triggered by, once again, being the butt of every joke. 

So what can we do to stay positive?

What I want us all to focus on during this “new normal” is trying to stay in a healthy mental space and practice patience for our changing bodies. What makes you feel good? Going for walks, stretching, meditating, drinking our water, cooking at home, trying a new recipe, having a Zoom dance party, etc. When I’m doing things that make me feel good, my body image typically benefits. 

Our bodies might be changing, but our worth is certainly not, and when in doubt go back to the basics. Daily positive affirmations to our bodies and gratitude have never been more important. Our bodies are working really hard to keep us healthy, and to me, that is more than I could ever ask for. 

Have I gained a little weight? Probably. Am I doing my best? I sure am and that is all I can ask of myself. The pandemic is not a weight loss or productivity competition.

I don’t want any of us to feel shamed or discouraged from making memories this summer and enjoying ourselves (even if it is in quarantine). 

Take some time and do something nice for your body today. You deserve it. 

The summer is gonna get whatever body we give her and it will be glorious! So, get your swimsuits ordered, wear the shorts and cute dresses, and remember that you are worthy and amazing! 


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