Dia & Co. Moves into the Luxury Sector with the Acquisition of 11 Honoré

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What happens when two plus-size fashion moguls come together? Magic happens.

In the words of Dia & Co. CEO Nadia Boujarwah, “this is major.” And the Curvicality fashion team couldn’t be more excited!

So what’s this shocking news?

If you’re into luxe fashion, you know 11 Honoré is one of the hottest places to shop for size-inclusive designer pieces. But you might not know that Dia & Co. recently acquired the brand, positioning it to reach an even broader customer base. In fact, Dia shoppers can already find the 11 Honoré Collection (the company’s private label capsule) on the site.

So maybe you’re not into designer finds. Why is this news so important to the plus-size community as a whole? To put it simply, both Dia and 11 Honoré have been instrumental in the size-inclusive fashion movement. 

In 2015, Linda Gilbert and Nadia Boujarwah co-founded the Dia & Co. due to a very real need in the marketplace. Shopping for plus-size women was rough. They wanted to change that.

Dia made shopping fun. A celebration of sorts.  Not only did Dia offer great items, the subscription box element of the brand made it feel like a hand-picked Christmas surprise arrived on your doorstep every month of the year. It turned shopping into a celebration of body love and style.

Now for 11 Honoré…

11 Honoré shook up the fashion industry in 2017 when it arrived on the luxe fashion scene. Women were tired of the stereotypical size 6 or smaller models walking the runways at New York Fashion Week (NYFW).

As time went on, it became clear that  11 Honoré was changing the industry by bringing awareness to a grim reality: Most high-end designers ignore the plus-size sector.  They brought brands together on one essential platform.

“Our announcement today represents an enormous leap forward in our mission to deliver true style freedom for our community. In my two decades as a plus size shopper, the promise of being able to joyfully shop the brands I love for everything from $25 t-shirts to $2,500 dresses, made to fit my body, seamlessly in one place, has been the ultimate dream,” says Dia & Co CEO Nadia Boujarwah. “Joining forces with 11 Honoré has made that dream a reality on our platform and will fundamentally transform the shopping experience for our customers.”

Best of all, 11 Honoré Founder Patrick Herning will continue his mission as a part of the Dia team.

“The commonality between 11 Honoré and Dia & Co is an ethos of partnership,” Herning says. “Both companies lead the charge helping straight sized brands enter the plus size space impactfully. We’ve done it tremendously as separate entities, and now that we’re joining forces, it’s going to be a remarkable change for a customer that deserves more from the fashion industry.”

At the end of the day, this is a double win for the plus-size industry. We’re seeing two movers and shakers join forces to keep the magic of the size-inclusive movement alive. And that, friends, makes the Curvicality team smile.


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