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ELOQUII and ROX Bring Confidence-Boosting Program to Girls

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ELOQUII is granting ROX $25,000 to enable more girls to participate in the Ruling Our eXperiences program.

You already know ELOQUII as a source for fun, on-trend fashion for sizes 14-28. Ruling Our eXperiences (ROX) is a leader in programming, research and education focused on the empowerment of girls. Now, they’re coming together to increase ROX programming for girls in ELOQUII headquarter hubs New York City and Columbus, Ohio.

Being a Girl Today is Complicated

“We know that being a girl today is complicated. The issues that today’s girls face in their daily lives differ tremendously from previous generations,” Lisa Hinkleman, Ph.D., founder and CEO of ROX, tells Curvicality. “Girls are craving spaces and conversations with the adults in their lives that are free from judgment.”

Hinkleman stresses that girls need to feel free to communicate with adults in an non-judgmental fashion. “Girls desire to be the experts of their own lives and not be met with a standard ‘When I was your age…’ response,” she tells Curvicality. “We must allow girls to bring us into their world and their lived experiences. We must listen to understand, instead of listening to respond or immediately provide a fix.”

She notes that the upcoming generation of girls is “capable, ambitious and eager to bring about change. By walking along girls, we give them the platform they need to lead the conversation and share their ideas.”

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ROX The Girls’ Index – Insight into the Complex World of Today’s Girls

ROX spearheaded a study entitled The Girls’ Index™ in an effort to gain insight into the complex world of today’s girls. “The Girls’ Index research shows that 50 percent of girls do not disagree with others or say what they are thinking because they want to be liked,” Hinkleman tells Curvicality. “Think about all of the voices, brilliance and revolutionary ideas that we are missing out on because half of girls are not authentically expressing themselves!”

The study also showed that one in three girls with a grade point average above 4.0 do not think they are smart enough for their dream career. Furthermore, nearly half of girls are afraid to speak their minds or disagree with others because they want to be liked and 80 percent of high school girls report that guys their age are not respectful of girls.

“… (i)t is our responsibility to serve as positive role models for today’s girls. How are we showing up and supporting other women in our daily lives? What comments do we make about food or the way our body looks? Girls are looking to us and are paying attention to the way we interact and engage,” Hinkleman tells Curvicality.

ELOQUII and ROX Bring Confidence-Boosting Program to Girls - Curvicality plus size magazine - Curvicality Plus Size Magazine
ELOQUII and ROX Bring Confidence-Boosting Program to Girls - Curvicality Plus-size Magazine
ELOQUII and ROX Bring Confidence-Boosting Program to Girls - Curvicality plus size magazine

Forming a Partnership to inspire Young Girls was a Natural for both ELOQUII and ROX.

“We were inspired by our #MODELTHAT campaign, which showcased our customers as role models changing their corner of the world,” Mariah Chase, CEO of ELOQUII, tells Curvicality.

The ELOQUII #MODELTHAT campaign, coined a “campaign beyond clothing,” showcased real women living life. It featured women from all walks of life, including a law enforcement officer, a chef, an engineer, an Emmy-award winning television producer, a hair and makeup artist and a state representative.

“We received such positive responses to our efforts that we knew we could continue to spread our influence in the lives of women with the right partnership. We looked to get involved with young girls because they are at such a crucial stage of their lives when their confidence declines from fifth to ninth grade.This partnership with ROX aims to help them feel confident and supported as they grow towards a successful future,” Chase says.

ELOQUII and ROX Bring Confidence-Boosting Program to Girls - Curvicality Plus-Size Magazine

ELOQUII Donates $25,000 

With ELOQUII’s strategic grant, ROX will train and certify 10 New York City area female school counselors, social workers, school psychologists and teachers to implement the ROX Program for Girls at their schools. In addition, ELOQUII will fund the ability for 220 girls in grades 5 through 12 in the New York and Columbus areas to participate in 20 weeks of the ROX Program for Girls during the 2020-21 school year.

“We couldn’t be happier to partner with Ruling Our eXperiences, a pioneer in creating generations of confident girls who are in control of their experiences and futures,” says Chase.

“At ELOQUII, we believe that women and girls of all ages have the power to change their corner of the world and recognize that ROX supports the growth of strong girls into even stronger young women at a crucial stage. We want to be there to help support her in every step of this journey.”

ELOQUII and ROX Bring Confidence-Boosting Program to Girls - Curvicality plus size magazine


Ruling Our eXperiences Program Builds Confidence in Girls

ROX’s curriculum content is data-driven, skill-based and designed to help girls acquire new behaviors and competencies that they need to be successful. Those who have completed the program have reported higher levels of self-esteem; healthier communication and program-solving skills; a changed perception of their self-worth, career goals and leadership capacity; and an ability to develop effective peer and adult support systems.

“Today, adolescent girls across the country are experiencing many of the same struggles of declining confidence, pressure to fit in, social media usage and unhealthy relationships,” Hinkleman says. “With ELOQUII’s contribution, we are able to continue unlocking the full potential of young girls and building the leaders of tomorrow.”

ELOQUII associates will be invited to serve as guest speakers for ROX program sites supported by this project in New York City and Columbus. Each ROX program invites a female guest speaker from the community to share her academic and career journey with program participants. Professional women serve as career role models, while young women in the program gain exposure to the diverse world of work.

The monthly planning with ELOQUII and ROX is underway, with the program officially launching in September 2020.

For more information on ROX programs in other areas, visit:

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