Here’s What You Need To Know About Plus-Size Rings

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Plus-size ladies may have a plus-size ring finger, and that means putting a ring on it might be harder.
But a story in the New York Times headlined Rings Fit for All Fingers says jewelry designers are starting to cater to women with larger ring sizes. It’s a movement we’ve seen in plus-size fashion over the years. First it was everyday clothing, and then the demand grew for things like plus-size swimwear, plus-size exercise apparel and plus-size lingerie. And now the movement has reached rings. It’s about time, isn’t it? A fashion-conscious plus-size woman who has taken the time to pull together an outfit that makes her feel good should be able to adorn her fingers with a pretty ring. You can, of course, have a jeweler adjust the size of a piece of fine jewelry, but if you’re looking for a fun ring — what your mom or grandma called costume jewelry — finding one to fit your fingers might be challenging if you wear a larger size. Imagine a gorgeous curvy woman shopping for a night out. She easily purchases a sexy plus-size bra and underwear set. She finds the perfect plus-size jeans and blouse. Shoes and socks are no problem. Neither are earrings and a necklace. Maybe she chooses a hat or scarf or jacket. But then her eye lands on a fun ring that she thinks will set off her outfit. She glances at her perfect manicure and realizes the ring would be the final detail … but it won’t go over her knuckle, because until now, the fashion jewelry industry has apparently been asleep. We’re thrilled that the jewelry industry has finally realized the world is full of curvy ladies who love fashion — including plus-size rings. Have you had trouble finding larger-sized rings? Share your photos!

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