Quarantine is a Hairy Problem

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Have you seen my hair?

I know being quarantined has got everyone a little down, especially when it comes to the thought of having to do your own hair. 

Trust me, I know. As a stylist, I suffer from not being able to serve my clients. That’s my livelihood. But it’s more than that. I miss the smiles on their faces and the in-depth conversations we have as I switch to my therapist hat. I miss the atmosphere filled with laughter and learning. This pandemic has taught us just how important our customers are to us. 

There is help, though. Just please don’t color your own hair or cut your own bangs. Those are hard to recover from. I’ve seen the YouTube videos and even the results. Some of them have made me laugh so hard I spit out my drink. I mean, come on! You can’t see the back of your head when bleaching your own hair. It’s not that you won’t look cute with patchy hair; there’s just no one to fix it for you. Now you’re stuck at the store looking for a nice shade of box color to fix the #hairtastrophe.  

But ladies, we are doing better than some of the men’s haircuts I’ve seen. Don’t get me started! Is this mic on? Your wife did not do a good job on your haircut, sir! You were better off letting it stay long. Poor thing. Now you have to wear a skull cap until it grows back and it’s 80 degrees outside. Good thing you have to stay in the house, unless you’re an essential employee.  

Oh no! Put those clippers down. Do not shave all of Julie’s hair off because of the gum…there’s an easier way! Now, you can definitely watch a YouTube video for that!

All joking aside, it will get better. I promise it will. Pretty soon everyone will be filling all the salons and posting hashtags from their stylist’s chair. You’ll be able to exhale because you get three hours away from the kids. All the things that you’ve been dying to tell us (no pun intended) from how you had to become a homeschool teacher to how you’re expecting a baby next year. We can’t wait to hear it all as we clip and color! 




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