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Curvicality's Body Positive Fans Kennette Rawls

Curvicality’s Body-Positive Facebook Fans

Curvicality gives women a place to come together and celebrate the beauty of every shape, size and color of woman.

Our Facebook Fans Post Their Best Summer Pics

Our Facebook Fans Post Their Best Summer Pics

These are the first thirty pictures that our loyal Facebook fans rushed to post on July 17, 2020! We certainly have a wonderful following of gorgeous women! (Above, Carmen Morales.)

“Grateful for my husband and his endless support!” - Curvicality Facebook 2020 Gratitude Contest

Facebook 2020 Gratitude Contest

We asked you to submit a picture of your brightest smile and tell us one thing you’re grateful for in 2020. This is what you said.

Jenny Oest Winner - Facebook Selfie Contest - Curvicality Magazine

Facebook Selfie Contest

Our Winners We had so much trouble picking a selfie contest winner that we picked three!!!!