How Will You Ring In the New Year?

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Where will you be when 2020 arrives? Will you be tucked up in flannel pajamas in bed, snoozing, or will you be wearing something glittery and kissing in the new year?

There’s no right or wrong way to ring in the New Year! Here are some ideas, in order from tame to wild. What’s your idea of a good time?

  1. It’s just another day. You’ll eat dinner, clean up the kitchen, and hit the bed at the same time you always do. NYE? Who needs it?
  2. Eh, you’ll stay up and watch it on TV with your SO, and you’ll raise your glass in your partner’s general direction. And then it’s off to bed. 
  3. For you, this is a family holiday. You and your entire extended family play board games, drink punch, eat junk food and reminisce. The little kids are put to bed in the host’s spare bedroom early on. The slightly older kids try to stay awake but many doze off in a corner and are carried upstairs. It’s a badge of courage for the older kids who manage to stay awake. Warning: Sleepy kids are crabby kids, so be prepared for the first day of the year to be marred by a tantrum or two. And your kids might be a bit irritable as well!
  4. You go to your friend’s party just as you do every year. You have known these people a long time. You’ll indulge in some hor d’oeuvres and champagne and you’ll wear the party hat and blow into the noisemakers when the time comes. Regardless of whether you came alone or with a partner, somebody is getting kissed at midnight!
  5. You gather a group of friends and hit a series of bars and parties (utilizing a designated driver or a ride service, of course). After ringing in the new year, you gather at somebody’s house and continue the party until dawn.
  6. You find a hotel or bar that’s planning an extravagant party and you sign up early! Sometimes you can get a deal on a room, a great party and primo drinks and food. It gives you a chance to wear a fabulous new cocktail dress, and when you’ve finally indulged enough, your room is within easy stumbling distance.
  7. You and a dozen of your wildest friends rent a party bus or even fly elsewhere. You reserve a few hotel rooms and make plans to conquer the big city. You will wine and dine and party and dance and meet people and kiss a lot of strangers and collect a lot of phone numbers. You will do many memorable things that you do not actually remember clearly. Check your phone for pictures later. Wow, looks like you had a good time, and who in the heck is that handsome man? Did you at least exchange names and numbers? Alas, not that you know of.

Many of us will do various versions of these at different life stages. I’ve done some version of all of these except No. 7. (Call me. I’m fun! And I’m looking for an excuse to break out my fancy-ass dress.)

Sophia Sinclair is Curvicality’s sex and relationships writer and the author of the Small-Town Secrets romance series, available on Amazon. Reach Sophia at

Our model is Carmen Rene at #eatthecaketoo.

Photography by Jesse Simmons.

Tell us about your most memorable New Year’s Eve!

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