Kandis Draw Column: Breathe! And Serve. We Will Get Through This Together

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We are in some really rough times, and are bombarded every day with more changes, news and quite frankly scary statistics during the COVID-19 pandemic. And we are shut down and unable to live life as we normally would. 

I normally would talk to you ladies about keeping focus, and staying true to who you are and working on yourself. Please, by all means, continue to do just that. But take this time to really reset yourself. Isolation causes our minds to race, and doesn’t always give us pleasant scenarios. I’ve spoken to many people and the stress that this is causing all of us is overwhelming. Your mental health is vitally important to maintain. 

OK, girls, breathe.

Like many of you, when I was faced with my job ending, or becoming quite limited, I had a lot of extra time on my hands! Whenever I am faced with stress or anxiety, my default mind tells me to get busy serving others. I volunteer for several non-profit organizations that address things like cancer and HIV-AIDS, but this felt different to me. Have you ever felt like you “needed” to do something? That was me, and I couldn’t shake it. I attend Bolingbrook Seventh Day Adventist Church, and we operate a food pantry each month, so I decided to go help pack food and distribute to those in need. Mind you, this was when the “stay-at-home” order had just started here in Illinois. 

Not really knowing what to expect, I arrived and put on gloves and a mask before I started putting food in bags. Before we could finish, there was a line of cars in the parking lot. Being my normal self, I started regular light-hearted conversation as I put food into each of the cars that day. The gratitude and stories I came across were unbelievable. There are so many in need! One family even walked to get food! We tend to take so much for granted, while others lack access to their basic needs. Each time I’ve volunteered at the pantry, it has been quite humbling. 

So what am I saying to you? 

This is not a time to focus on obsessing about your weight or being hard on yourself in other ways. Please stay healthy, by all means. But this is a time for us to be gentle on ourselves and act responsibly.

  • Check in on your loved ones, friends and family.
  • Stay connected as best you can!
  • Go for a walk or exercise at home!

But please heed the instructions and recommendations of social distancing and other safety rules your particular state has in place.

To get through this pandemic, we must work together and stand together.

If you don’t feel comfortable volunteering somewhere, then make an encouraging phone call to someone or post a fun quote to your social media platform. But stay connected. If you are in the position to give monetarily, please help those in need. 

A quick way to brighten your day? Serve others in some capacity and let’s cheer each other on! 


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