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Ro'Yale aka da Queen of Curves on Pandemic Social media Stress

Ro’Yale: Pandemic Stress? Pause and Delete for Your Own Sake!

I find it harder and harder to pick up my phone and indulge in my usual pleasures of Facebook and Instagram shenanigans on my newsfeed lately. I mean dang, 2020 has been a totally BIOTCH, all gas and no breaks from devastating news so far. 

Royale Column The KB Effect – How Kobe Bryant's Death Changed The World - Curvicality magazine

Ro’Yale Column: The KB Effect – How Kobe Bryant’s Death Changed the World 

With the unfortunate passing of Kobe Bryant, there is an emerging spark for acknowledging #girldad relationships and the appreciation of family. 

Ro'Yale Pole Fit Queen - War Between Plus-Size vs. Curvy Women-Curvicality Magazine

Ro’Yale: Social Media Perception – The Developing War Between Plus-Size vs. Curvy Women

There’s a war brewing, and I want to address it. 

Ro'yale Da Queen Of Curves - Curvicality magazine

Column/Da Queen of Curves: ‘Sexy for Your Damn Self’

I’m Ro’Yale (aka Da Queen of Curves) and I love to “Werk Dat Pole.” (I hope you laughed at that one.) Come on, Sis. It’s not what you think. Pole fitness is one of the best workouts around, both mentally and physically.