Amanda LaCount: Cherish the Women in Your Life

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My mother and I have a unique relationship. Besides raising my six brothers and sisters and me as a single parent, she has gone above and beyond that. She instilled in us a confidence and belief that we can do anything. 

For me, this meant she gave up her dreams to make mine come true. This started with driving me all over the state of Colorado for dance classes. She drove me all over the country for workshops, dance conventions and dance competitions. In 2015, she left her job and moved with me to Los Angeles so I could pursue my dream of becoming a professional dancer. We moved with two suitcases and our two dogs in our 1998 Honda Accord. She took a leap of faith for me.

We are not only mother and daughter, we are best friends and more. It is hard to explain our dynamic. We finish each other’s sentences and couldn’t be any closer. Of course, this means that since we spend 24 hours a day together, we also have disagreements from time to time. But, it never lasts for long and I know she will always be there for me.

My mom is also my “momager” and she is always looking out for my best interest. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. Although I have numerous professional agents and managers, she is the one who is always looking for new opportunities for me, reading contracts and juggling my crazy schedule. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. No matter how much she may frustrate me at times, there is no one I would rather have in my corner.

Besides my mother, there are other strong females in my life. The first two would be my two older sisters. The reason I began dancing is that my mom would bring me along when she took both of them to dance class. I would stand outside the window and bounce up and down to the music. I wanted to be in the room dancing with them. 

I also have many dance teachers along the way that have become some of my strongest supporters. They support my dance career, as well as my personal journey. Although I no longer take dance classes with them, they continue to support me in any way that they are able. Next are my peers. I have a few very good friends with whom I attended my performing arts school who are now going different directions from me. However, they are some of my biggest supporters and are always there to support the ups and downs of this crazy career I have chosen. 

Along with all of these supportive women, there have also been many toxic women that have tried to knock me down. I’ve been told I need to lose weight to make it in my field. That I don’t have what it takes to be a professional dancer. That I’m not tall enough, pretty enough, thin enough, dark enough, etc. At first, these women really got inside my head and brought me down. Then I realized that it was their insecurities talking. Now I ignore them and have removed them from my life. Don’t let toxic people affect your life. Keep the people around you that are truly there for you and remove anyone who is negative.

So, always cherish the women around you. Those who support you and are there for you. It may not be a mother. It could be an aunt, a sister, a teacher or a good friend. We need to support each other and lift each other up in good times and in bad times. Often we forget that we are not on this journey alone. What makes this journey worthwhile is going through the good times and the bad times together.

About the Author: Curvicality columnist Amanda LaCount is a professional dancer, actress, singer, model and body activist. She’s the youngest of seven, and relocated from Colorado to Los Angeles to pursue her dream. When she’s not auditioning, rehearsing or performing, she loves to ride horses and go to the beach. You can find her on IG @amandalacount

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