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Fat-Shaming Jerks is Still Wrong

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There are some truly reprehensible people in the world. Sexual harassers. Irresponsible rabble-rousers. Brutal dictators. Loathsome celebrities. Mean people of all sorts. Some of them are overweight. 

It’s still not OK to fat-shame them.

How often have you read weight-based insults on social media about someone known for doing terrible things? 

  • He’s a big fat loser. 
  • She’s a lazy pig. 
  • He should stop shoving pizza in his face long enough to pay attention to ___. 
  • She should get off her butt and deal with ___.

So what’s your problem with that public figure? Is it really that person’s weight, or is it that you disagree with things that person says or does?

Fat-Shaming Jerks is Still Wrong

It’s not OK to promote size acceptance only for people you like. If you need a reminder, a person’s size has absolutely nothing to do with their morality. Some plus-size people are wonderful. Some are jerks. Some thin people are great. Some are awful. You know this already, right?

Attacking a person’s appearance, including weight, is one of the cheapest insults there is.

If you want to call out a public figure’s morality, poor choices, cruelty, racism, sexism, law-breaking or whatever else it is you disagree with, call them out on that.

I see people who are otherwise very vocal about supporting fair treatment of people of different races, genders, religions, nationalities and everything else still resorting to fat-shaming people they find reprehensible — and it undermines their entire message. Just stop.

Even more concerning, research shows that fat shaming affects all of us, not just the people being targeted. So you’re not only hurting the target you’re aiming for, but all of us. Including, perhaps, yourself.

Still confused about fat-shaming?
Here’s a handy quiz to help clarify the issue:

  1. Your boss is evil incarnate. He takes credit for your ideas and won’t give you the raise you deserve. 

Wrong: My boss is a fat-ass piece of shit. 
Right: My boss is a piece of shit.

  1. Your cousin is dating a man with a criminal background who treats her badly and regularly kicks puppies.

Wrong: My cousin’s boyfriend is a no-good tub of lard.
Right: My cousin’s boyfriend is a puppy-kicking, girlfriend-abusing ex-con and all-around jerk. 

  1. Your neighbor orders a large pizza almost every night and eats it on her front porch while drinking a six-pack and throwing the cans into your yard. 

Wrong: My neighbor is a fat and lazy pig.
Right: My neighbor is an inconsiderate litterer.

  1. Your husband’s ex-wife often calls you during dinner to demand more alimony and to ask for various household goods she wants back, even though the divorce took place years ago.

Wrong: My husband’s ex is a fat, ugly, greedy cow.
Right: My husband’s ex is having issues moving on and probably could use some counseling and perhaps a letter from our attorney.

  1. Your doctor focuses on your weight at every visit, even when you’re there because you cut your finger chopping kale. It’s ironic, because he weighs more than you do.

Wrong: My pathetic doctor needs to worry less about my fat ass and more about his.
Right: I need to find a decent doctor who will provide appropriate care.

Sophia Sinclair is Curvicality’s sex and relationships writer and the author of the Small-Town Secrets romance series, available on Amazon. Reach Sophia at

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