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See all the exciting entrees we received for our Body Love Contest on Facebook in November.

Exploring Body Positivity with Our Facebook Followers

Curvicality readers, meet our “Body Love” Facebook Contest winners. We sent an invite on our Facebook page on Nov. 3 saying this:

Want to be in the November issue of Curvicality Magazine? 💕💕 Submit your pictures here for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card and a chance to be featured in the November issue of Curvicality. When you submit your pic, tell us what body love means to you. Your quote may also appear in the magazine. 123…. go!!!!😘

Congratulations to our first-place winner, Amber Shanae Brooks. She submitted this delightful shot, saying: “My mind, body and soul are a beautiful creation and gift from God … Being beautiful inside is just as important as beauty on the outside. I’m in love with my body. It has carried the most precious gifts. I am woman!”

Our Runners-Up!

Chloé Brown

Body Love Facebook Contest -Chloé Brown- Curvicality Magazine
"Body love to me means that I will enjoy the body I have. I will actively use positive words of affirmation. I will not judge myself for losing and/or gaining weight. I will love myself through and through, enjoying each moment of life and not giving a jack mess what anyone thinks about my body ... because it’s my damn body."

Leah Messemore

Body Love Facebook Contest - Leah Messemore - Curvicality Magazine
"Body love to me means looking in the mirror and knowing that I am not defined by the size of my waist or weight on a scale. It means realizing that I have something beautiful to offer this world ... Having a love and confidence for this amazing body that allows me to experience life and love those around me!"

Our Body Love Participants

Luz Noelia Gonzales

Body Love Facebook Contest -Luz Noelia Gonzales- Curvicality Magazine
"Confidence and embracing the shapes and curves of my body."

Krista-Leigh Miller Jarvis

Body Love Facebook Contest - Krista Leigh Miller Jarvis - Curvicality Magazine
"Body love ~ knowing that everybody is their own kind of beautiful."

Nicole Lee

Body Love Facebook Contest -Nicole Lee - Curvicality Magazine
“Body love to me is what my mother taught me. You have to love yourself first ... love the skin that you are in. If we were all the same, this world would be a boring place. Now I'm raising a daughter. I'm teaching her to love herself for who she is, no matter her size. Every inch ... every curve ... everything. You can be beautiful and sexy at any size."

Jane Curet

Body Love Facebook Contest - Jane Curet - Curvicality Magazine
"Positive thoughts. Positive outcome."

Angela Twombly

Body Love Facebook Contest - Angela Twombly - Curvicality Magazine
"Body love is loving all of me, no matter what I see in the mirror. It is the way God made me. My sons love me no matter what, and I love my body. It created and carried two humans. It hurts sometimes when I push it, but that is to be expected. It took me a long time to love myself and accept me. I am real and so are my curves, no matter how big or small they are!"

Selena Browning

Body Love Facebook Contest -Selena Browning - Curvicality Magazine
"Self-love is celebrating the skin I'm in. These thighs have carried me thousands of miles on my bike and raised thousands of dollars for cancer research. These arms have held newborn babies and people I love who are hurting. This belly has enjoyed meals with many from all over the globe and jiggled with delight over a million silly, wonderful things. This body is such a gift and gives me SO much to be grateful for. What more could a girl ask for?"

Daphne Pursley

Body Love Facebook Contest - Daphne Pursley- Curvicality Magazine
"Body love to me is accepting your body as it comes to you naturally. Every shape, size and color are beautiful in their own way. Confidence and love are the two strongest things in life to me."

Amber Edwards

Body Love Facebook Contest - Amber Edwards- Curvicality Magazine
"Body love to me means embracing my body and loving every inch of it. Sometimes it’s hard but our bodies are so much more than what the world says is beautiful. We are all beautiful. "

Connie Sue Schwartz

Body Love Facebook Contest - Connie Sue Schwartz- Curvicality Magazine
"Body love is realizing that you are more than your body. You are more than what is seen to the world on the outside. You are what is in your heart, mind, imagination and soul. So don't waste your time with worries because you are perfect no matter what your body size or shape are. Love what you have and enjoy your life ... body, mind and soul. Love and luck."

Rage Valentine

Body Love Facebook Contest - Rage Valentine- Curvicality Magazine
“Body love means that you can be comfortable in any situation and any time, knowing you love the way your body looks to you. And not giving a *#@! what others think! I love my body now. I worked hard to get to where I am, and I'm not afraid of what I look like anymore.”

Arika Juarez

Body Love Facebook Contest - Arika Juarez- Curvicality Magazine
"Body love is just like every other love-accepting the bad with the good."

Lisa Delamater Bentley

Body Love Facebook Contest - Lisa Delamater Bentley - Curvicality Magazine
"Body love means knowing it's OK to love my body myself and remembering to love others' bodies as well. To see everyone's bodies through eyes of admiration instead of criticism."

Katie Elizabeth

Body Love Facebook Contest - Katie Elizabeth - Curvicality Magazine
"Trying to love who I am- one day at a time."

Jeannette Lopez

Body Love Facebook Contest - Jeannette Lopez - Curvicality Magazine
"Body love to me is loving yourself and the skin you're in. Because when you stop looking for all your flaws, then will you finally see HOW BEAUTIFUL YOU'VE ALWAYS BEEN!"

Valerie Glekas Voidaros

Body Love Facebook Contest - Valerie Glekas Voidaros- Curvicality Magazine
"Body love means loving yourself totally because you love yourself the way you want to be loved!"

M'Lisa Elgin

Body Love Facebook Contest - M'Lisa Elgin - Curvicality Magazine
"Body love is saying yes I have thighs and tummy and a booty, but those are just more parts of me to love. Body love is knowing that I am more than my shape. More than the number on my scale. More than the pant size that people will judge me by. Body love is appreciating the strength of my body, the way it made, carried and delivered my children. The way it pushes and fights and even flaunts its stretch marks and dimples. It's power and love and more than anything. It's acceptance."

Our Most Frequent Submitter: Nichole Siegle

Body Love Facebook Contest - Nichole Siegle - Curvicality Magazine
Body Love Facebook Contest - Nichole Siegle - Curvicality Magazine
Body Love Facebook Contest - Nichole Siegle - Curvicality Magazine
Body Love Facebook Contest - Nichole Siegle - Curvicality Magazine
Body Love Facebook Contest - Nichole Siegle - Curvicality Magazine
Body Love Facebook Contest - Nichole Siegle - Curvicality Magazine
Body Love Facebook Contest - Nichole Siegle - Curvicality Magazine
Body Love Facebook Contest - Nichole Siegle - Curvicality Magazine

Ashley White Guntrum

Body Love Facebook Contest - Ashley White Guntrum - Curvicality Magazine
"Body love means loving yourself just as you are. Every curve, every dimple. It’s knowing that your worth is not dictated by a number on a scale. It’s uplifting other women when they feel less than."

Cynthia Ortega

Body Love Facebook Contest - Cynthia Ortega - Curvicality Magazine
"I've learned to appreciate my body even though I have a little hard time with my upper belly after being hospitalized for over a month and not realizing that I was diabetic ... I had to change my lifestyle. I still love myself, but in a healthy, happy way. ❤️ We just have to learn how appreciate and love every inch of ourselves! I see beautiful ladies on this page and I sometimes wish I could have the same confidence (I do, but not too much). That's my weakness. I've learned so much from being on this page. ❤️"

Cynthia Lopez

Body Love Facebook Contest - Cynthia Lopez - Curvicality Magazine
"Body love to me is being able to post this pic with no shame. Being able to express myself and show others how beautiful the human form is no matter your size. I struggled so much to become this confident. To me, it's art and not vulgar.❤ The human body is art."


Body Love Facebook Contest - Belladonna - Curvicality Magazine
"Love the skin you're in. Love all your flaws, whether it be stretch marks or dimples. Being you, that is what makes you beautiful regardless of your size."

Amy Marie

Body Love Facebook Contest - Amy Marie - Curvicality Magazine
"Love who you are no matter what you look like ... having self respect ... And enjoy being you the way God created you."

Barbie Fauss

Body Love Facebook Contest - Barbie Fauss - Curvicality Magazine

Victoria Robinson

Body Love Facebook Contest - Victoria Robinson - Curvicality Magazine
"Love yourself even if no one else does."

Amy Connolly

Body Love Facebook Contest - Amy Connolly - Curvicality Magazine
"Loving yourself comes with knowing yourself. Appreciate the many facets that make up you, knowing that the skin is wrapper to the fabulousness that is you."

Amy Marksheffel Balenzano

Body Love Facebook Contest - Amy Marksheffel Balenzano - Curvicality Magazine
"Believe in yourself even when no one else does!"

Ashley Lawrence

Body Love Facebook Contest - Ashley Lawrence - Curvicality Magazine
"Body love, to me, means embracing the body I'm in. All of my curves, dimples, stretch marks and flaws. After years of hating myself, I've finally learned that this is who I am, and I am proud of my body. After all, I've created beautiful lives, and that in itself is something to celebrate."

Evelyn Ceballos

Body Love Facebook Contest - Evelyn Ceballos - Curvicality Magazine
"Body love to me means that the number on the scale doesn't mean anything. Sometimes a person can be fit but unhappy, others can be plus-size and full of fun, laughter and they go for what they want. Sometimes society can tear you down because you don't look a certain way. It took me years to love my curves; and yeah, I wanna be healthier, but not a size 0. I love that I have curves, (a) butt (and) thick thighs that don't lie ... And most importantly, my husband loves every inch of me."

Denise Schorr Lee

Body Love Facebook Contest - Denise Schorr Lee - Curvicality Magazine
"Body love is me loving my body no matter if anyone else does ... Acceptance of who I am and loving me."

Ann Marie Herrera

Body Love Facebook Contest - Ann Marie Herrera - Curvicality Magazine
"Just started loving my body last year while going through a divorce, but also had found the love of my life. He loves my body just the way it is. He is the one that helped with my confidence."

Jasmine Rivas

Body Love Facebook Contest - Jasmine Rivas - Curvicality Magazine
"Body love means to relearn your body in every stage of life."

Alicia Boatner Houck

Body Love Facebook Contest - Alicia Boatner Houck - Curvicality Magazine
"Body love is accepting yourself how God made you! Loving every inch of yourself."

Mindy Klein

Body Love Facebook Contest - Mindy Klein - Curvicality Magazine
"Body love means to me is that I can love myself and be happy with myself. It took me a long time but my body is my temple and I will worship it for me."

Jamie Berry

Body Love Facebook Contest - Jamie Berry - Curvicality Magazine
"Loving every inch of me... from my head to my toes ... allowing my soul to glow. 🥰"

Jennifer O'Dell's Daughter

Body Love Facebook Contest - Jennifer O'Dells Daughter - Curvicality Magazine
"My gorgeous daughter ... Trying to teach her body positivity early ... not listening to what others have to say and being confident every day!"

Karen Yvonne Ridgeway Wengert

Body Love Facebook Contest - Karen Yvonne Ridgeway Wengert - Curvicality Magazine
"It means that despite your insecurity and self-doubt, you can see yourself for the strong and beautiful woman you are and love the skin you are in at that moment."

Somer Nichole Mendenhall

Body Love Facebook Contest - Somer Nichole Mendenhall - Curvicality Magazine
"Body Love Is loving yourself for the Be•you•tiful person you are inside and out."

Jessica Martinez

Body Love Facebook Contest - Jessica Martinez - Curvicality Magazine
"Body love means being at peace with yourself regardless of what others think about you."

Kimberlee Amber Haralson

Kimberlee Amber Haralson - Facebook - Curvicality Magazine
"Body love is just like any other 'love'. Some days it’s extra passionate when you’re feeling yourself. Others it’s comfortable like when you’re in old pajamas snuggled up with a book or your favorite show. There are days when you are frustrated and might carry a little extra bloat so nothing fits right! It’s emotional, like when you feel and see life growing inside of you. But most of all it’s acceptance. Accepting for what it is. Its flaws. Its uniqueness. Its reliability. It's yours.

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