Stylist Sharonda Grandberry Talks Life, Fashion and Dressing Plus-Size Bodies

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Ever wonder who dresses the plus-size greats? Many curvy moguls swear by the styling services of Sharonda Grandberry of Pink Throne Styles. To Grandberry, fashion is art and great fashion pieces should be admired.

Founded in 2017, Pink Throne Styles offers services such as: closet audits, styling for special occasions and personal shopping with the signature Grandberry touch (all of which can take place virtually or in-person). She even offers styling for photoshoots.

“I usually do a consult, then give the client a three-page questionnaire. We then discuss what works best for the client. I hand-walk them through the entire process,” says Grandberry, who is also a well-known model and influencer.

However, this superstar’s services extend far beyond what the eye can see. In truth, a session with Grandberry can be life-changing.

“I also give words of affirmation to those clients that need an additional boost. I believe in the entire woman, not just the external,” she says.

Through it all, she aims to serve as a positive mentor.

“I want women to truly love themselves. I don’t just ‘say’ those words, because during my styling sessions, I go deeper than just the exterior of a woman. I am not a therapist or life coach, rather a style coach/lifeguide.”

Stylist Sharonda Grandberry. dressing plus-size bodies

The Grandberry Approach

And lifeguide she is; the Grandberry approach is truly unique. Along with unearthing fab fashion finds, she stresses her belief that we must consistently cultivate self-esteem.

“To cultivate something is to prepare or develop it. We aren’t born knowing what self-confidence is, so we must develop it and grow into it,” she shares.

Grandberry regularly talks about how she has had to build her own self-esteem from the ground up. She hopes that others will learn from her shift in thinking.

“I cultivated (it by doing) the inward work. I trained my mind to think (how I want to) see myself. For instance, society has told me my entire life that I was too dark and too heavy to be beautiful. I decided to dump the views of society and listen to my heart. It took me ‘doing the work,’ telling myself that I am beautiful the way I was created, (telling myself that) I am worthy and that I am good enough, over and over again,” she stresses.

Stylist Sharonda Grandberry. dressing plus-size bodies
Stylist Sharonda Grandberry. dressing plus-size bodies

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade

Grandberry is the pillar of self-created strength. She’s a proud veteran, having served eight years in the Army, and still serves the country as a current government contractor.

“After surviving childhood trauma, I joined the military when I was 16-years-old. I was so young that my mother had to sign the papers for me to join. I didn’t go into the military until after my senior year of high school. I was on a ‘delayed entry’ program,” she says.

That said, her life hasn’t always been easy. At 17, she faced homelessness after upsetting her mother and stepfather. To survive, she couch-hopped and slept in the car for almost four weeks until friends from church took her in.

“One night these people at school were having a party. I was an honor student, so I had never been to a party. My mom said ‘no,’ and of course, I said ‘yes I’m going,’ so I left. When I came back, my stuff was in the yard. They kicked me out. I was hurt. It was scary,” she reflects.

Initially, she stayed at her then-boyfriend’s house. But his mom would only allow her to stay through the weekend.

“I had to wait until someone from my church invited me into her home. We still talk about it to this day. I call her my saving angel,” she says.

Despite the setback, she stayed on track with her goals and entered the Army on schedule.

“I am thankful that I was still able to go into the military, so in a sense it was my saving grace,” she says.

Stylist Sharonda Grandberry. dressing plus-size bodies

A Left-Out Kind of Vibe — and How to Overcome It

Many of us are no strangers to feeling rejection. Grandberry is no different.

“I felt rejection from an early age. I had to switch my mindset and grow into the woman you see today. THIS WAS NOT AN EASY TASK. I set boundaries and intentionally blocked out negative conversations and thoughts. I worked really hard to love myself,” she adds.

When asked how other women can cultivate this kind of strength, she tells it like it is.

“You must do whatever it takes to do this. You can’t pour from an empty cup. You can’t pour love if it doesn’t exist. You can’t pour confidence if it’s barely hanging on. You can’t pour peace if you don’t have any on the inside. You can’t pour happiness if you’re secretly unhappy,” she stresses.

That said, she’s very real about life’s struggles.

“I am not saying every day is going to be perfect, but I am saying loving yourself requires daily action so that you will become a better you. I want to see women better (themselves), so I am going to show up for myself because I know it will, in essence, translate to helping someone else find themselves and love everything about who they are,” she notes.

Self-care is one of the most important methods she uses to manage life in general.

“Self-care is the number one priority for me. Think of it as if you are on an airplane during a crash landing. How will you help the person sitting next to you if you can’t first put on your mask to help yourself?  Fashion makes you feel good externally, but inwardly, self-care assists in dressing you for life’s events,” she says.

She’s also very honest about her faith-driven nature, though she’s careful not to be pushy about it.

“I kind of see where people are in a conversation before I mention it. My faith has kept me grounded and focused,” she notes.

Stylist Sharonda Grandberry. dressing plus-size bodies

How to Become Style Savvy

In her line of work, Grandberry is regularly approached by folks who simply don’t have a propensity for fashion. So what’s her advice?

“I’d recommend hiring a stylist. If that isn’t an option, Pinterest, Google or magazines always work. Find a look that grabs your attention and then find pieces that will accentuate your body,” she says.

And don’t limit yourself to one brand. Shop around.

“I literally shop everywhere. I don’t discriminate when it comes to fashion. I’ll shop in Walmart or Macy’s. I am always looking to stay within my budget,” she says.

Grandberry’s Take on 2021 Style 

Bold colors are in. So are geometric prints and oversized boyfriend jackets.

Mixing patterns is an awesome fashion statement.

Ditch the rules. Do what feels good to you. You can always add to or take away from, but if you never try something, how will you know?

Make sure you have these staples in your closet:

  • A denim jacket
  • Basic-color heels
  • Skinny jeans
  • Different color camis and tees
  • A white button up
  • A knee-length skirt
  • A wrap dress
Stylist Sharonda Grandberry. dressing plus-size bodies

Grandberry’s Tips on How to Dress for Your Body Type 

If you have an hourglass shape:

Hourglasses should avoid “shapeless” attire. The key is to draw attention to the waist. Find pieces that will hug the curves and show the feminine shape. Cropped jackets, palazzo pants with a fitted shirt or cigarette pants always do the trick.

If you have an apple shape:

The key is to focus up and away from certain areas, specifically the tummy area. Wrap skirts hide this well. Wear anything that will accentuate your legs. Skinny jeans are great. Also, try V-neck tops and empire line dresses.

If you have a pear shape:

This is my shape. I avoid anything that adds volume to my bottom half. If you notice, I never wear pleats or a lot of white jeans. I usually stick to bold colors, busy prints or ripped, dark denim. I love A-line dresses, blazers and Bardot neckline dresses and tops. (Bardot is an off-the-shoulder look.)

If you have a rectangle shape:

Rectangles can pull off nearly anything. Straight-leg pants, ruffled shirts or fit-and-flare dresses best accent this body shape.

Stylist Sharonda Grandberry. dressing plus-size bodies
How to Hire Sharonda Grandberry/Pink Throne Styles: To book a consult with Pink Throne Styles, or to learn more about Grandberry, visit her website. To skip to the “book your service” page, click here.

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