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Eboni Lacey - The Identitify of She - Curvicality Magazine

Body Size and Identity:  Eboni Lacey of ‘The Identity of She’ Asks the Big Questions

Interviewing The Identity of She’s Eboni Lacey does not feel like interviewing a 29-year-old, probably because she’s been thinking and writing about the big questions in life for many years. During the interview, we suggest she’s a walking quote generator. It’s funny, because as it turns out, her first efforts in social media mostly involved posting quotes on Instagram. Now, she’s coming up with quotable words of wisdom herself. 

Ro'yale Da Queen Of Curves - Curvicality magazine

Column/Da Queen of Curves: ‘Sexy for Your Damn Self’

I’m Ro’Yale (aka Da Queen of Curves) and I love to “Werk Dat Pole.” (I hope you laughed at that one.) Come on, Sis. It’s not what you think. Pole fitness is one of the best workouts around, both mentally and physically. 

Amanda Honky Tonk Leading Class - Curvicality Magazine

Love Dance Fitness? You Better WERQ! (Free workout in the article.)

(And yes, there’s a free WERQ fitness workout at the end of this article!) Looking to take your workout routine to the next level? In the words of RuPaul, “you better work.” Or, shall we say, WERQ™!

Comparing your Body - Curvicality - where your curves are an asset

Constantly Comparing Your Body? Here’s How I Stopped…

Are you struggling to stop comparing your body to the bodies of your thinner friends?