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Body Dysmorphia

Why I Started an Instagram to Beat Body Dysmorphia

My struggle with body acceptance began as early as elementary school. My family shamed me and gave me nicknames like thunder thighs or squatty body. I was always the biggest one on the cheer squad or ballet or gymnastics.

The Ten Stupidest Diets Ever

Don’t you envy people who lived in the distant past, who ate whatever was available without thinking too much about it?

Breaking the Stigma of Body Image. - Curvicality magazine

What’s Wrong With Me? Breaking the Stigma

What’s wrong with me? Do I really look like this? Is my stomach really that big? Why are pants so tight. Uuggghhhh, I need to lose weight. I’m sure we’ve all said these things out of our mouths.

Your Story - My heart Tried to Kill Me - Curvicality magazine

My Heart Tried to Kill Me and That Was Not the Worst Part

I am 42 and I had a heart attack. But the worst part (yes, worse than suffering a heart attack!) was repeatedly explaining that my weight had nothing to do with it. 

avoiding thanksgiving fat shaming - Eating Thanksgiving Dinner with Judgy People - Curvicality magazine

Eating Thanksgiving Dinner with Judgy Folks

If you’re a plus-size gal, you may have Thanksgiving misgivings.