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We Tried It: Nordstrom Trunk Club

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Have you ever tried shopping for a unique fashion find in a town where every single mid- to high-end department store has closed? Unless you live in a major city, you know exactly what I’m talking about. 

Ordering online can be just as frustrating. It’s nearly impossible to gauge how you’re going to look based on a picture of an outfit modeled by a woman half your size. On her, it looks amazing. On us, the fit may be less than ideal. 

I decided I would try something different when an ad for Nordstrom Trunk Club popped up in my social media. I’ve used a lot of subscription box services, but I wondered if combining a personalized shopping service with a higher-end department store might be the answer to my small-town issues. 

nordstrom trunk club- Curvicality Plus-size magazine

Personal Styling Service

To fill you in, Nordstrom Trunk Club is a personal styling service fully owned by parent company Nordstrom. You can get anything from jeans and T-shirts to workwear staples. And, of course, you can get those hard-to-find date night finds. In other words, your selection is as large as Nordstrom itself. 

Styling Fee Waived for Card Members

While there is a $25 styling fee for every box sent (which is waived for Nordstrom card members), shipping and returns come at no charge. In addition, you have five days to decide which items you’ll keep and which ones you’ll send back. This is a good thing if you’re a pokey decision maker like me.   

Survey Identifies Your Style

Your adventure starts in the same way most at-home box services begin. You fill out a survey that asks exactly what you’re looking for. You specify why you’re shopping and pick some pictures of preselected outfits to show what you like and dislike. 

Curvicality Plus-size Magazine - Nordstrom Trunk Club

PM Your Stylist Anytime 

Here’s my fave part about this service: You get to talk to your stylist anytime you want via private message. In other words, it’s not like some other services where your stylist relies on feedback. She can talk to you one-on-one. You can send her pics of you, measurements, Pinterest boards you love, looks you want to create and anything else that will help her make selections for you. 

The other interesting part about this service is that you get a ton of items to try on. It’s sort of like being in a fitting room in your own home. For example, the first time I tried Nordstrom Trunk Club, I received two pairs of shoes, four dresses, two peplum tops and one dressy skirt/shirt set. (Typically, you receive six to 10 items.) 

The best part is that trunks come super fast. Mine came in just a few days. You can also get your next trunk whenever you want, whether it be right away or in a few months. It’s kind of like having your favorite fitting room attendant right there with you in a virtual manner.  

nordstrom trunk club- Curvicality Plus-size magazine
Nordstrom Trunk Club offers coaching as to what looks good on what body type. And below, help in knowing how best to use their service.
nordstrom trunk club- Curvicality Plus-size magazine


Approve Your Trunk Before it Ships

Another thing to note is that you can approve your trunk before it ships. You’ll see pics of everything your stylist has picked out. So if there’s something you despise, you can take it out of the trunk and the stylist will replace it with a new item. You can even head to a “Clubhouse” in a city with a Nordstrom and meet with a stylist one-on-one to shop in person. (They’ll even wet your whistle with complimentary drinks.) 

That said, there’s one thing to know. Nordstrom Trunk doesn’t feature stylists that specialize in plus-size fashion alone. So it’s different than something like Dia and Co. that is tailored specifically to plus-size women. This means that if you’re in the in-between zone, like I am, you might end up with some straight size pieces, which can be challenging. I know I was a little thrown off-guard, but I was honest with the company and they started sending me all plus items. They are trained in our world; they just handle the alternate universe as well.

Your goal in this respect is to open up to your stylist. Be specific if you only want plus-size items. If you want both, tell her that, too. She will listen. She may not be plus-size (or maybe she will be), but in communicating with my stylist, I noticed that she really wants to understand my style. And ladies, if you do find that your stylist doesn’t understand your plus-size needs, you’ve got to open up. 

One good thing is that you don’t get a new stylist every time. You can stick with the same gal if you’re happy, and you can talk to her any time you want — even after your purchases have been finalized. That’s the most important reason I’m giving this service our seal of approval. 

So yes, Nordstrom Trunk Club is worth a try.

If you’re like me, and there are no higher end department stores in your area and you like that personal touch, you’ll be pleased. It really is nice to feel like your needs are listened to. 

Just remember (and I say this about all subscription-type services), Rome wasn’t built in a day. You might dislike everything you get in your first shipment. That’s when you need to communicate. Nordstrom has the reputation it does because of its personalized service. If you don’t voice your opinions, you can’t reach that level. And if you really don’t like it, you’re only out 25 buckaroos.

If you’re interested in trying Nordstrom Trunk Club, you can find them here. Remember, we only recommend services that we have tried and approve of. Trust us, there are plenty of things we’ve reviewed that we would never send your way. This one gets a definite yes.  

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