Chris Heine

Black-Owned businesses

5 Black-Owned, Plus-Size Businesses to Shop for Juneteenth

Supporting black entrepreneurs is a meaningful way to celebrate Juneteenth.

Jordan Peterson To Yumi - Sorry. Not beautiful

Mixed-Up YouTube Star Thinks His Opinion About A Gorgeous Plus-Sized Model Matters

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but one famous trouble-maker believes it’s a matter of science — and politics.

Curvicality's Body Positive Fans Kennette Rawls

Curvicality’s Body-Positive Facebook Fans

Curvicality gives women a place to come together and celebrate the beauty of every shape, size and color of woman.

Announcing: ELOQUII Elements!

Announcing: ELOQUII Elements!

Walmart and ELOQUII venture brings plus-size fashion to you.

Our Facebook Fans Post Their Best Summer Pics

Our Facebook Fans Post Their Best Summer Pics

These are the first thirty pictures that our loyal Facebook fans rushed to post on July 17, 2020! We certainly have a wonderful following of gorgeous women! (Above, Carmen Morales.)

Plus-Size Rompers We Adore

Plus-Size Rompers We Adore

Sizzle your summer away with these eight adorable plus-size rompers.Best of all, many of these options are on sale! Summer is still hopping with these steamy-weather staples.

Brittany Washington

February Facebook Contest

Brittany Washington: The best piece of advice I was given was to love me first and everything else will fall into place. Brittany was our first-place winner.

Kailey Kornhauser - biking is for every body

She Biked Across Alaska … Meet Body-Positive Cyclist Kailey Kornhauser

Add biking to the very long list of things anybody of any size can enjoy. 

nordstrom trunk club- Curvicality Plus-size magazine

We Tried It: Nordstrom Trunk Club

Have you ever tried shopping for a unique fashion find in a town where every single mid- to high-end department store has closed? Unless you live in a major city, you know exactly what I’m talking about. 

Curvicality - Plus-size-Magazine -Spring Fashion-Issue

2020’s Hot Spring Fashion Trends

What trends are we seeing this spring? We see polka dots, peplum tops and color pops! Retro is coming back with a modern boom. (Remember  Bermuda shorts? They’re back!) Above: Our founder, Mary Beth Cooper, in ELOQUII