Why a Boudoir Photography Session Made Me More Bold

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I’m not a nudie kind of girl. In fact, in my platform as an ovarian cancer advocate, I’m pretty conservative. So me, doing boudoir?

You bet. And you can, too.

Last winter, I had the awesome opportunity to be photographed at Chicago Boudoir in the beautiful suburb of Winnetka. Liz Hansen, owner and operator of Chicago Boudoir Photography, gifted me a VIP all-inclusive experience at her studio to experience it first-hand.

If you’re not familiar with what boudoir is, think of it as a Victoria Secret exclusive photoshoot for women, but with a twist. It’s art meets sensuality.  Anyone can do it.

Boudoir Photography Session
Boudoir Photography Session

No, I wasn’t nude.  Not even close.

For weeks, I fumbled through lingerie I had bought over the last few years, some with tags still on items. Concerns flooded my mind as I thought of the models I see in mainstream media lingerie shoots. Those models are skin-TAY! I do not have the body type, nor the look of those models!

My mind started racing, and I got nervous. Truth is, I already have camera anxiety, and now I’m going to be wearing lingerie in front of a camera lens? Am I up for this?

The closer it got to the shoot, the more my nerves started getting the best of me. I wanted to cancel. What if this experience wasn’t worth it?

Boudoir Photography Session

Girls, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Weight? Please.

I walked into the studio, and there was Liz, smiling and welcoming me, along with her makeup artist Rosie. We were quickly introduced. I sat in the chair and began to get my makeup done while sipping wine from my fancy wine glass. (This, of course, relaxed me.) After my makeup was done, I quickly changed outfits.

I ended up picking two pieces from my ever-growing lingerie collection. I wore black lace panties, a black lace gown, a red lace nightgown, my  favorite pearl earrings and red bottoms. I also decided to wear only a bra and panties with a coverup in a couple pics.

Boudoir Photography Session
Boudoir Photography Session

At the studio, I noticed there were other pieces that you could choose from, but mostly really sexy cover ups and masks. I changed clothes, walked out, sat down and put my shoes on. I wasn’t uncomfortable because there wasn’t anyone else in the studio, and Liz made it clear that this was a non- judgemental, fun, empowering environment.

I began to take instructions from Liz and we bounced around several ideas on poses and looks. It wasn’t hard to begin to feel sexy. The studio is filled with gorgeous backgrounds, beds and benches. The more we talked and laughed, the more I relaxed, let go and began to experience the true craft of boudoir photography.

Boudoir Photography Session
Boudoir Photography Session

Liz then began to show me different poses I could do based on my comfort level. She guided me so well. I really was shocked at how easy this was and how calm I felt. This kind of photography allows you to have the kind of self-expression that you want. That was the quickest four hours ever!

Post-shoot, I reviewed my images and was truly amazed. After selecting my images, prints and other goodies, I signed my name on her wallboard alongside the other signatures of women who had been in the studio. I left feeling great.

Boudoir Photography Session

You have to do this!

Boudoir photography is a true luxury experience and expression for EVERY woman. Your body type doesn’t matter. You don’t have to be skilled at posing because you will learn how. This is about your self-esteem and your body expression.

Do what you want and let them capture it. Don’t let your weight stop you from exploring your true feminine side. You are worth it! Most importantly, you will be comfortable and at ease from start to finish.  (Kudos to you, Liz.)

Beauty exists in every woman. Empower yourself. Get in your skivvies and give your secret sexy a chance to roar,  Trust me, it’s in there.

Happy posing!


P.S. Have you done a boudoir shoot? I’d love to see your photos. Post your pics in the comments below. (No nudity, please.)

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