Tall Plus-Size Women – Why I Love Being One

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So, I told you that I am 6 feet tall, right? 

Imagine This

In third grade, I stood 5’ 6”. That meant I always had to go to the back of the line, because we lined up by height. I was the girl who had to stand during class pictures, because I was too tall to sit. Around fifth grade, I had to start wearing corrective shoes, because my feet started giving me problems, which opened me to a lot of teasing. 

Tall Plus-Size women and Every Body Is Beautiful! ~ Curvicality
Every Body Is Beautiful! ~ Curvicality

Let’s face it, I was a giant with bad feet. At least that’s how I was viewed, and I cried a lot because of it. To try to make myself feel better, I would bend over while walking to not seem as tall as I really was, to attempt to feel what I considered “normal.” But what happened? I ended up with a slipped disc in my back at a young age. It took some years to grow out of this way of thinking, and it wasn’t easy!  

The Tall Society Helps Tall Women Embrace Their Bodies

But then, last July, I stumbled across the Tall Society. It was founded by a woman named Bri, who decided to share her height struggles, but also to ask women to embrace their height. She travels for work, and in every city she meets with other “Tall Sisters,” as she calls us. Not knowing what to expect, I purchased a ticket to attend one of these meetings. When I stepped into the room, the table was set beautifully. A photographer and cartoonist were there to make images of us, including the tall plus-size women.  

As I made my way across the room, I met women of every walk of life, all of them at least 6 feet tall. For once, I wasn’t the only tall person in the room! We talked about everything from the weather to tall-woman struggles.

We commiserated on the difficulties of teasing and of finding clothing and shoes that fit. Most of us wear shoes size 10-13. The Tall Society has personalized apparel with different quotes and sayings that only tall girls can understand. I left having met new friends, and feeling refreshed that I wasn’t the only one who ever felt the way I did. I was grateful to have met these incredible women some of whom are plus-size women. 

Clothes for Tall Plus-Size Women

Now, let’s discuss clothing. Of course, being so tall, you have an issue with pants! A lot of brands don’t come in tall. When I got to high school, I had to get pants that came in tall, because the regular sizes were not long enough for me. Also, there were not as many options out then for tall plus-size women. Most women I knew had to have clothes made, or were only limited to a few options, including Catherines, Avenue and Lane Bryant. 

But the good news is, things have changed. For the better. Some popular brands that I have built my wardrobe around are Eloquii, Lane Bryant, Ashley Stewart, Land’s End, Simply Tall, the LOFT (which now carries plus sizes) Nordstrom, Torrid, Ann Taylor, Long Tall Sally, Old Navy and Asos. Consignment shops are also good. Nordstrom Rack carries many extended shoe sizes for women also. 

The more I came into my own, the more I saw my height as being special. It is unique. I stopped slouching and looking down so much.

Present yourself as best as you can, ladies, and don’t hold yourself back. Don’t frown on that long dress … it will flow beautifully on you. Let your personality shine through, and stand up straight. Date whomever you want, and be the best you. If you’re good at sports, participate.  

And as we always say here at Curvicality, how you feel about your body is what is most important, and not other people’s perception of you. 

About the Author: Kandis Draw is on the advisory board of Curvicality. She is a cancer support advocate, classical pianist, and lover of all things sparkly.  

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