Michelle Mueller Teheux

Living With Uncertainty in the Corona Age

Living With Uncertainty in the Corona Age

One of the surprises of the Dystopian World of Corona are the long periods of … absolutely nothing. I was under the impression that there would be a lot more action going on. 

Hot Summers Call for Cool Summer Salads

Hot Summers Call for Cool Summer Salads

It’s hot as (meat)balls in my kitchen right now. I love to cook, but I do not love to sweat. That means I spend as little time as I can at the stove. It’s salad time, and before I lose you, let me reassure you that I’m not talking about the boring little piles of iceberg lettuce you may have subsisted on during past diets.

black plus-size yoga

Yoga is For Every Body — The Making of a Black, Plus-Size Yoga Enthusiast

This is why it matters that black, plus-size women do yoga.

plus-size photography

Ariel King Talks Modeling, Plus-Size Photography and More

Ariel King is a lady with a lot on her plate, but she is always welcoming others to the table.

Brianna McDonnell: the-b-word

Brianna McDonnell: Meet the Woman Who Reinvented the B-Word

Brianna McDonnell has made a career out of being perfectly OK with her weight — even when others were not.

Amanda LaCount America's Got Talent Interview

Amanda LaCount, Simon Cowell and The Upside Down

The situation on America’s Got Talent is reminiscent of dancer Amanda LaCount’s signature handstand: Everything is upside down.

A Perfect 14 plus-size model

“A Perfect 14” Documentary Reveals Surprising Truths About the Plus-Size Modeling Industry

The modeling industry shows you a fantasy. “A Perfect 14” shows you what’s behind it.

There Will Be a New Normal After Covid 19

There Will Be a New Normal After Covid 19

When I was a kid, you bought a tub of margarine, removed the lid and there it was. There wasn’t a tamper-proof seal on anything. Not on food. Not on medicines. But then, in 1982, a murderer tampered with some packages of painkiller, and now we have a new normal — tamper-proof seals on everything — that none of us even thinks about anymore.

Brittany Washington - My Beautiful Fluff

All the Fluff – Meet Brittany Washington

Brittany Washington is fluffy from head to toe, and proud of it. 

Fierceness is Optional -Michelle Meuller Teheux

Fierceness is Optional

Are you a badass? Are you sassy, loud and proud? Are you fierce?